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Upgrade your refrigerator or freezer's cooling and defrost system with this 4-wire Defrost Biometal (Defrost Sensor 4 Wire 01). This high-quality replacement part ensures efficient defrost ...
Ensure your refrigerator or freezer's defrost system operates smoothly with this 4-wire Defrost Biometal (Defrost Sensor 4 Wire 02). Designed for efficient and reliable performance, this hi...
The 4-wire Defrost Biometal is an essential component for maintaining optimal performance in refrigerators and freezers. Designed for efficient defrosting, this sensor ensures that ice buildup is ...
The Defrost Biometal, Defrost Sensor 4 Wire 05 is a vital component for maintaining the efficiency of your refrigerator or freezer. This 4-wire sensor helps regulate the defrosting process, prevent...

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Defrost Thermal Fuse Sensors with 4 wires are essential components in refrigeration and cooling systems, making sure fridges, freezers, and air conditioners work safely and efficiently. The purpose, features, and applications of these sensors are covered in this category description.


This 4 wire defrost thermal fuse sensor protects refrigeration systems against overheating and makes sure the defrost cycle works correctly. Using these sensors, you can monitor temperature levels and trigger a protective response if necessary, making the appliance last longer and be more reliable.


  1. Configuration with Four-Wires: Four-wire sensors allow for more precise temperature control and monitoring. The extra wires enhance safety and accuracy.

  2. Sensors that measure temperature: Thermal fuse sensors measure temperature fluctuations within a refrigeration system, preventing overheating or freezing, which can damage or inefficiently cool the system.

  3. Safety:Sensors ensure the safety of the appliance and its surroundings. When temperatures reach critical levels, the sensor shuts off the heater, preventing overheating.

  4. The best durability: Designed to withstand the demanding conditions within refrigeration and cooling systems, these sensors are made from materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring long-term performance.

  5. Multi-purpose: In both domestic and commercial settings, defrost thermal fuse sensors are essential components in refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units.


  1. In refrigerators : Sensors in refrigerators control the temperature within the freezer and refrigerator compartments, preventing food spoilage and preserving freshness.

  2. Freezers: Sensors prevent excessive cooling, which can lead to frost buildup and damage to your freezer.

  3. In air conditioners : Air conditioning units use these sensors to control the defrost cycle, keeping the evaporator coils from freezing over, improving performance and efficiency.

  4. Comm-Refrigeration : Commercial refrigeration units use defrost thermal fuse sensors to maintain accurate temperature control.

Basically, Defrost Thermal Fuse Sensors with 4 wires are essential components for all cooling and refrigeration systems. They keep appliances safe and efficient by monitoring their temperature and providing safety features. As a result, refrigeration systems last a lot longer and are more reliable, which benefits consumers and businesses alike.