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This high-quality Genuine OEM GE Appliances Bake Element (WB44K5012) is the source of heat when baking. The Bake Element is located at the bottom of the oven and has dimensions of L: 19.75″ x W: 17...
UNIVERSAL_B790 Replaces: Y0410020 & 308180 Replacement Whirlpool Part Appliances Parts & Accessories The Universal Oven Bake Element (UNIVERSAL_B790) is a reliable replacement for ...
The high-quality GE Appliances Bake Element (WB44K10009 ) is at the bottom of the oven and supplies the heat for baking. The Bake Element is for electric ovens on ranges and replaces 191D3127P001, ...
AMI PARTS WP308180 W10308477(2600 Watts, 240 Volt)Oven Heating Element wpw10308477 Bake Element Replacement Bake Element WP308180 replaces AP3075035,AP6007578, PS335890,PS11740695,WP308180, 142100...
PART SPECIFICATIONS: AMI PARTS WB44T10010 Range Oven Stove Bake Heating Element for GE Oven Stove(240 Volts, 2585 Watts) Approximate size is 19.5″ Length, 17.7″ Width, 2.5″ Insert REPLACE PART NUM...
Frigidaire (Frigb) Genuine Replacement Part Frigidaire Item From The Brand Name: Frigidaire The 5303307010 is a genuine Frigidaire Bake Element unit, designed as a replacement part for Frigidaire...
Please see the Model Number fitment information at the bottom of this page before placing your order for this part. 220 volts, plugin installation. If the element does not work after installation ...
Alternate part numbers include AP5970727, PS11703285, and W10774342. 220 volts, plugin installation If the element is not fully lighting up, then it may not be receiving enough power from the appl...
Quality replacement part Works with select electric Whirlpool range ovens Exact replacement for part number W10207397 Compatible with 9760766, B0766, WP9760766, and WPW10207397 UL listed If your ...
Replaces part numbers Y04000066, CH5829, Y0E00105199, Y04000047, 790208, 7406P075-60, 7406P013-60, 74004073, 551119, 1938370, 1938325, 1938318, Y04000047, 74004073, 7-90208, 5-51119, 1938318, 1938...
The Frigidaire Broil Element is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part designed and engineered to exact specifications Frigidaire Broil Element is located at the top of the oven and ...
Bake element for Whirlpool and other brands. If the element in your oven will not heat or is producing little to no heat, replacing this part will likely be the solution. Square in shape with term...
Peace of mind assured – comes with a one-year warranty This part can work with ovens and ranges The ERP W10779716 Bake Element can replace the following part numbers: W10289097 and W10774342 UL Li...
The Frigidaire Bake Element is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part designed and engineered to exact specifications Frigidaire Bake Element is at the bottom of the oven and supplies...
GENUINE LA GERMANIA OVEN BOTTOM ELEMENT 606049 for select models, ensuring precise fit and even heating in your oven. The GENUINE LA GERMANIA OVEN BOTTOM ELEMENT 606049 is a re...
The BEKO Oven Bake Heating Element is a reliable replacement part with a power rating of 1300W and dimensions of 390x340mm. Designed to fit various BEKO oven models, this heating element ensures e...

Achieve The Top Quality & Durable Baking Element For Your Oven

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast, and your oven bake element is not functioning? Or are you a repairman looking for a world-class baking element to replace the previous malfunctioning one? Then auspiciously you have reached the right place where you can get answers to all of your questions. To get the top-of-the-line bake element for oven immediately get in touch with We are a leading company in delivering unbeatable, long-lasting heating element in Dubai. And, are winning millions of hearts since 2010.

Explore The Wide Variety Of Oven Bake Element

The significant role of the baking element is to provide all-over heating in the oven and can be found bottom, top, and sometimes at the back of the oven cavity. This part of the oven typically works at a moderate temperature and is considered ideal to bake pasta, casseroles, cookies, cakes, and a wide range of food items. However, fault in it deprives you of preparing delicious meals for you and your loved ones! We understand that every oven has specific needs and their baking elements are of various designs, models, and standards. By keeping all these things in consideration we have a large stock of baking elements, other spare parts, and accessories to assist you in restoring your appliance to a top shape once again. So, no matter if you are doing it yourself or hiring a repairman, always opt for the foremost bake element for oven.

Shop Online The Highly Affordable Oven Heating Element In Dubai & Fast Shipping

For most oven operations the heating element is a fundamental heat source. Similar to broil element, the baking element also plays a crucial role in making your food. If your oven is failing to evenly heat food it means oven heating element replacement is urgently needed. We take pride in providing a highly durable bake element for oven at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, our shipping is also quite swift so, from a wide range of heating elements you can choose yours which may suit best for your appliance and can order immediately.

5 signs you need oven heating element replacement right away

We all know a reliable heating element in an oven is pivotal to ensuring the effective performance of the appliance. Sometimes, many appliance owners do not know when is the right time to replace the baking element. And, for that matter, they ignore or overlook the noticeable signs which are occurring time and again. Which unfortunately leads to a complete shutdown of the entire appliance. Following are 5 significant signs which can help you to understand that now is the time for oven heating element replacement!
  • Food is not getting cooked, partially cooked, or perhaps taking too much time to cook than usual
  • The heating element is not bright orange
  • Electric bills are noticeably increasing than usual
  • Thick and embedded grime in the oven restricts the working of the heating element
  • Element have signs of wear such as cracks, blistering, or burns.

Experience The Original Spare Parts Shopping At – Bake Element For Oven

When it comes to high quality and originality the name of FAJ always comes first. Appliance repairs are no doubt one of the common expenses for any homeowner. But, choosing a top-reputed home appliance repair company to acquire the best oven spare parts ensures you don't get overcharged for replacements. Furthermore, we offer a large inventory of all domestic appliance parts to provide you with what you are looking for, no matter the brand! So, experience today the brilliance and cutting-edge oven heating element in Dubai provider.