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Actuator Valve

Automatic Electronic Timed Drain Valve Air Tank Water Moisture for Air Compressor Condensate G1 2 DN15 Integrated Valve AC 230V

Automatic Electronic Timed Drain Valve for air compressors, G1/2 thread, adjustable timing, efficient condensate management.

Honeywell 2 Way Valve Actuator 220v

This type of actuator is powered by 220V AC voltage and is designed to work with a 3/4 inch valve. It operates by opening and closing a valve to regulate the flow of the fluid or air.

Honeywell 24V Motorised Control Actuator Valve, VC7931

Interchangeable with any Valve Body. on-off Zone Control of Domestic Systems.

Honeywell M7410C1015 Linear Actuator

They can be used in fan-coil and induction units, for zone control and are also suitable for heaters and aftercoolers.

Honeywell VC6013AP1000T 1in 2-Way Valve Actuator with Cable

A 2 Way valve actuator with cable. Compatible with: Air Conditioners and Coolers Brand: Honeywell.
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