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Microwave Oven Capacitor Silver 3.2inch

Production Name: CH85 High Voltage Capacitor for Microwave, Wistand Voltage: 2100 V AC. Embody one 10M ohm inside capacitor, it will release high voltage through the ressistance and diode on idle time or shut down power, ensure safety

Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor 1.05 MFD uF

Withstand Voltage:2100 V 50/60Hz AC. Volume: 1.05 MFD uF. Tolerance:±3%

Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor 4055015665

Motors are often unable to start-up on their own, so the capacitor is used to give it a little kick. So, if your capacitor is faulty, and the motor is struggling to work, then this replacement microwave high voltage spare is for you.

Oven Capacitor 1.05 MF 230 Volt 3157959028

The capacitor provides the necessary amount of power to operate the microwave. If your capacitor is faulty and preventing you from cooking with your microwave oven, this replacement may be the part for you.
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