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Gas Thermocouples

AGA Gas Cooker Thermocouple Mk2 Junkers Brand New Genuine Part – AGA Spare Parts

AGA Thermocouple Mk2 Junkers, genuine part, compatible with various regions and AGA heating systems. Kit includes thermocouple and split nuts.


350mm genuine thermocouple (083007500) for Belling gas ovens, ensuring safe gas flow. Trustworthy replacement part by Belling.

FITS Beko Belling Stoves Leisure Main Oven Gas Thermocouple 1450mm 230100020

Generic replacement thermocouple, 1450mm long, suitable for Beko ovens with manufacturer's code 230100020.

FLAMEER 2PCS 90cm Thermocouple Replacement Set For Gas Furnaces Boilers Water Heaters; equipped with ODS thermocouple flameout protection device

FLAMEER 2PCS 90cm thermocouple replacement set with ODS flameout protection. Universal adapter for various burners, compatible with ovens, fireplaces, and stoves. Easy to install, 10 adapter nuts included.

Genuine Belling Main Oven Thermocouple 1450mm -230100020

The Genuine Belling Main Oven Thermocouple 1450mm (Part No 230100020) is a precise fit for Belling gas ovens, compatible with various models.

GIMEVAR EGT K Type Thermocouple Temperature Controller Tools 0-1250 C Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Probe Connector with Exposed Tip

The GIMEVAR EGT K Type Thermocouple offers fast response with an exposed tip. It's compatible with temperature controllers and allows for flexible bending without cracking. Tested in good working condition.

Millivolt Replacement Thermopile Generators Used On Gas Fire-place water Heater

Millivolt Replacement Thermopile Generators for gas fireplaces and water heaters; durable, corrosion-resistant, fits various brands. Package includes 1 Thermopile Thermocouple with 2-wire terminals, 750mV voltage, and compact dimensions.

Orkli Thermocouples – Gas Fire Replacement

Orkli Thermocouples: Essential, durable gas fire replacements for safe and efficient heating. Compatible with various models, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Thermocouple for Cooktop Kitchen Electrolux Rex Spare Parts Gas Valve Pw Pp RB

Electrolux hob thermocouple: New, original spare part, 500mm length, code 3570653067, with fast-on connection.

Thermocouple Gas Electric Ovens – 948650127, 948650244

Thermocouple for various gas/electric ovens, compatible with SMEG, BOSCH, ARISTON HOTPOINT, SIEMENS. Replaces multiple references: 948650127, 948650128, 948650129, 948650245, 948650246, 948650244.


Replacement thermocouple valve magnet unit for FSD and FFD on Imperial USA gas ranges. Verify dimensions for compatibility; professional installation recommended.

Thetford – Cooker Hob – Thermocouple (X3 4) For Lid Shut Off – SSPA0603KIT

The Thetford SSPA0603KIT includes three 650mm thermocouples, a switch unit, and is Type C, making it ideal for cookers and hobs. Keep your kitchen appliances operating reliably with this kit.

Thermocouples for Gas Stove/Oven/Hob – Your Safety’s Silent Guardian

There is no doubt that thermocouples are the unsung heroes of gas stoves, ovens, and hobs, because safety is a priority in the world of cooking appliances, and our thermocouples are here to make sure you stay safe. You cannot go to your culinary endeavors without these unassuming components, which monitor and regulate gas flow.

Why Choose Our Thermocouples:

Safety First: As one of our top priorities, we design and engineer our thermocouples to ensure your safety. By preventing gas leaks and ensuring a controlled gas flow, they provide you with an invaluable layer of safety.
Compatibility Assurance: There is no need to worry about finding the right fit – our thermocouples are designed to work with an array of gas stoves, ovens, and hobs. This makes it easy to select the right thermocouple.
Easy Installation: There is no need to let complex facilities restrict you. Our thermocouples are designed for easy installation, so you can concentrate on cooking instead of worrying about complicated setups.
Reliable Performance: Experience consistent and dependable performance with our thermocouples. Trust in their accuracy to keep your cooking space secure.

Thermocouples Near Me – Safety Within Reach:

Thermocouples near me provide the convenience and accessibility that you require when searching for “thermocouples near me.” Our strategically located outlets ensure that safety is always within reach whenever you need it. Rather than searching far and wide, take advantage of our thermocouples that are readily available to safeguard your kitchen.

Explore Our Collection – Your Journey to Safer Cooking:

Explore our online catalog to find a wide range of thermocouples suitable for your gas stove, oven, or hob.
Secure Ordering: With a few clicks, you can securely order the thermocouple that aligns with your appliance’s requirements, ensuring your kitchen remains a safe haven.
Expert Guidance: Questions about compatibility or installation? Our knowledgeable support team is on standby to assist you in making informed choices.

Prioritize Safety Today:

With our wide range of thermocouples, you can elevate the safety of your cooking space without compromising on flavor. Browse our collection and make safety an integral part of your culinary journey with our collection of thermocouples.

Explore our wide range of Cooker, Hob, Stove, Oven & Hood Spare Parts and buy online.

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