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Oven Timer Switch

Electronic Microwave Oven Cooker LDEXIN DKJ-Y Delay Timer Switch Time Controller 60 Minutes 15A 125V 16A 250V

LDEXIN DKJ-Y 60-minute electronic oven timer with wide voltage support, suitable for various appliances.

Electronic Microwave Oven Cooker MTQY Timer Switch Time Controller 60 Minutes Delay Timer Switch 15A 125V 16A 250V

MTQY Timer Switch: 60-minute electronic oven timer, durable metal construction, compact design for easy installation, supports AC 125V (15A) and AC 250V (16A). Widely used in kitchen appliances.

Electronic Microwave Oven Cooker Time Controller Switch 180 Minutes 180M Round Shaft

This 180-minute electronic oven timer features a durable metal construction, compact design, and a bell for completion alerts. It's suitable for various kitchen appliances, ensuring accurate timing control.

Electronic Microwave Oven Cooker Uxcell Time Controller Timer Switch 30 Minutes 30M Round Shaft

The uxcell Time Controller Timer Switch is a 30-minute electronic oven timer with a durable metal design, suitable for various appliances and easy installation.


The GENUINE SMEG Oven Timer Clock (Part No: 816291317) offers precise timing and replaces various part numbers for compatibility. Enjoy free shipping and reliable SMEG quality for your oven.

Genuine SMEG Robertshaw Oven Cooker Digital Timer Clock 5 Button 816291317

The Genuine Robertshaw Oven Timer Clock (Part No: 816291317) is designed for Smeg ovens. Please note that buttons are not included; it's the timer only. Enjoy precise timing with this Robertshaw product, equivalent to Part Code: 816291317.

Smeg Oven Cooker Genuine Smeg 816291317 Timer 5 Button Timer Clock

Genuine SMEG 816291317 Timer is a reliable replacement for SMEG ovens. Compatible with multiple SMEG models, it ensures accurate cooking times. Alternative part number: 816292759.

Smeg Oven Electronic Clock Timer Programmer 816291317

Enhance your Smeg oven with this genuine Electronic Clock Timer Programmer for precise control and compatibility with multiple Smeg models.

Smeg Oven Programmer (Time control Panel) C9v0xx Model 816291317

Original Smeg Oven Timer Panel (C9v0xx) 816291317, compatible with CG90N and GA91X models. Ensure compatibility before purchase.

Shop Top Quality Timer Switches Today

Are you searching for stainless steel, wear, and tear proof, long-lasting service life, and a high temperature resistant timer switch for oven? Fortunately, you have reached the correct place today. FAJ Technical Services L.L.C. is the prime company in providing timer switches to all makes and models of ovens. This tiny compact piece of equipment efficiently controls when the oven will turn on or off or how long the timer will stay on. Moreover, timer switches are predominantly used for baking ovens, because it allows you to accurately and effectively control the baking time and other operations. So, feel free to contact us to acquire the best and highest-quality time controller.

4 Major Reasons hindering The Function Of Oven Timer Switch

Oven is the pivotal part of the kitchen and the most useful appliance in the house. Furthermore, it fulfills our cooking requirements and makes things quite smooth, fast, and simple to manage. However, with the frequent use of an oven, it gets challenging to utilize it further because of various unwanted problems. And, one of the unexpected situations is when the timer of the oven is not working. If you are experiencing a similar issue then you must first learn the reason behind it and then try fixing it after purchasing the best oven timer switch online through

Terminal block

The significant cause behind the timer switch not being operational is that the terminal is blocked. If you do not feel good about doing a replacement you can simply call us and our specialist will do it for you.

The issue with the electric control board- timer switches

If there is a fault in the electric control board, the timer switch for oven won’t function accurately. Hence, will lead to the malfunctioning of timer switch. Now, that is the time to quickly replace the timer.

Fault in the power

Another reason your oven timer failed to work is because there is a fault in power. After checking the power voltage if the timer switch is still not functioning then you need a new long-lasting oven timer switch online.

Highly Economical Oven Timer Switch Price

If you are looking to replace your faulty old timer switch, you can count on us to purchase the new top-class oven timer switch. We offer electric oven repair parts, and practical accessories for all brands of household appliances. So, anytime you need our help you can connect with us. Additionally, explore the wide variety of time controllers for your ovens. If you are a repairing company/ repairman or a do-it-yourself person then you can easily shop for oven timer switch online from us at a highly economical rate.

So, remove this headache of looking for an oven timer controller in multiple stores and browse our comprehensive collection from the comfort of your home or workplace. All thanks to our user-friendly website! Simply choose the timer switch that best suits your oven requirements and put it in your shopping basket. Further, use our secure payment channel to complete the transaction. With our fast shipping, you will receive your timer switch for oven rapidly.

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