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Millen Home Appliances UAE

Hot Plate ø 220mm 2000W 230V 490018

diameter: 220 mm. power: 2.000 W. voltage: 230 V. connection: 4 screw clamps

MBI 177.3D

The built-in refrigerator MBI 177.3D has many advantages. The freezer and refrigerator compartments do not require defrosting thanks to the Total No Frost system, and the high thermal conductivity coating Perfect Cooling always maintains the most suitable temperature.

MBI 193.3D

The large two-compartment refrigerator MBI 193.3D operates using Total No Frost technology, so you won't have to defrost either the freezer or the refrigerator compartment. Additionally, this model can maintain the temperature for storing groceries for up to 11 hours.

MBI 193.7D

The built-in two-compartment refrigerator MBI 193.7D will find its rightful place in your kitchen. With a volume of 341 liters in the compartments, there’s enough space to store all your groceries and dishes, even during long holidays.


The built-in refrigerator MBR 180 NF is an essential element of a modern kitchen. This two-chamber model with a total volume of 257 liters belongs to the energy class A+, which means it has economical energy consumption.

MBW 381 BL

The powerful model MBW 381 BL, equipped with a grill, is perfect for making cheese toasties and various meat dishes. By using rapid external layer heating, the grill function allows you to achieve the desired effect—a crispy crust.

MBW 381 IX

The preset menu includes 8 programs for automatic cooking: simply select the food item, and the appliance will take care of the rest. The presence of a grill function will be appreciated by those who love dishes with a crispy crust.

MBW 381 SX

The preset menu includes 8 programs for automatic cooking: simply select the food item, and the appliance will take care of the rest. The presence of a grill function will appeal to those who enjoy dishes with a crispy crust.

Millen Home Appliances in UAE

Millen Kitchen Appliances Products is ready to offer state-of-the-art, reliable, stylish kitchen appliances by creating unique sets for your designs –kitchens in your apartments / villas.

Millen Home Appliances will ensure timely delivery within the terms agreed –you have a reliable supplier!

Millen Home Appliances provides a 3-years warranty and Millen Home Appliances is ready to replace appliances with new ones if broken (within the first year of operation) – buyers of your apartments, villas or projects will be happy to have these home appliances in their kitchen!

Millen Home Appliances has a unique service for users in case of malfunction – if you choose us to be your supplier, you will never have discontent buyers!
Our buyers are happy all the time!


The kitchen takes a central place in any home. Normally, expenses to fit it up are higher in comparison with other rooms.
Furniture and decor items are purchased once and do not need further maintenance, while the kitchen appliances situation is different.
Home Appliances in need of repair or replacement postpone the possibility of using the apartment or villa for an uncertain period.


It might be impossible to collect a full kitchen home appliances set – from a range hood to a kettle – with a single manufacturer.
Firstly, warehouses cannot store that big range of goods.
Secondly, the diversity of interior solutions obliges appliance manufacturers to ensure suitable items from style, color, and material points of view.
Finally, a very significant part of kitchen appliances available in the UAE is out-of-date, both in style and in performance.


  • Minimizing extravagancy – maximizing performance for convenient usage
  • Flat surfaces – convenient in design and care
  • Avoiding bright colors in favor of smooth ones
  • Materials for modern facades: laminated chipboard, MDF, HPL, metal, glass, and ceramics.
Kitchen ovens:

Сooking hobs
Kitchen hoods
Compact appliances
Fridge Freezers
Coffee Machines

Continuous study of user preferences.
  1. Continuous study of manufacturing sites.
  2. Creation of perfect goods for a particular market.
  3. Development of the best possible logistics.
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