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MBI 177.3D

The built-in refrigerator MBI 177.3D has many advantages. The freezer and refrigerator compartments do not require defrosting thanks to the Total No Frost system, and the high thermal conductivity coating Perfect Cooling always maintains the most suitable temperature.

MBI 193.3D

The large two-compartment refrigerator MBI 193.3D operates using Total No Frost technology, so you won't have to defrost either the freezer or the refrigerator compartment. Additionally, this model can maintain the temperature for storing groceries for up to 11 hours.

MBI 193.7D

The built-in two-compartment refrigerator MBI 193.7D will find its rightful place in your kitchen. With a volume of 341 liters in the compartments, there’s enough space to store all your groceries and dishes, even during long holidays.


The built-in refrigerator MBR 180 NF is an essential element of a modern kitchen. This two-chamber model with a total volume of 257 liters belongs to the energy class A+, which means it has economical energy consumption.


The spacious MILLEN MCD 595 BdID refrigerator is perfect for a large kitchen. With a capacity of 595 liters, it can accommodate a large quantity of food, and the temperature maintenance function will keep everything fresh for up to 12 hours in case of a power outage.


The MILLEN MCD 595 XID model with a volume of 595 liters can accommodate all your essentials and delicious items. In addition to the usual freezer and refrigerator compartments, the refrigerator also has a universal compartment.
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