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Refrigerator, Fridge and Freezer Spare Parts

1 5HP Refrigerator Fridge Compressor Wired Thermal Overload relay Protector

Essential 1.5HP Refrigerator Compressor Thermal Protector for overheat prevention. Safeguard your fridge with easy installation.

1-5HP-Refrigerator-Fridge-Compressor-Wired-Thermal-Overload-Protector 0

Ensure your refrigerator's compressor is protected with this wired thermal overload protector. Designed for 1-5HP compressors, it offers reliable overheating prevention. Easy to install and essential for appliance safety.


One coil fits all valve sizes. Extended ends for easy installation (standard).

16 Watt, Mounting Bracket Kit and Universal Fridge Fan Motor

Boost fridge cooling with 16W Universal Fridge Fan Motor & Bracket Kit for various models. High-quality, reliable replacement.

2 Pin Refrigerator Start Relay for Compressor Black

Replace your fridge's start relay with this 2 Pin Refrigerator Start Relay, compatible with mini-fridges and coolers from various brands. Ensure a proper fit by matching size, resistance, and pin quantity.


Extended ends for easy installation (standard).Long-life molded coils.


Extended ends for easy installation (standard) . Long-life molded coils. 

25 W, Universal Fridge Fan Motor and Mounting Bracket Kit

Enhance your refrigerator's performance with this 35W Universal Fridge Fan Motor Kit, ensuring optimal efficiency at 1300RPM.

2T2VLC 500RB Solenoid Valve

Extended ends for easy installation. Long-life molded coils.

3-Pin Starter Start Relay Replacement compatible with Mini Fridges, Compact Refrigerators, Beverage & Wine Beer coolers, Deep Freezers, Beer Wine Refrigerators QP2-4R7

Replace mini fridge or compact refrigerator's starter relay with ease using this QP2-4R7 Start Relay. Compatible with 3-pin relay, 4.7 Ohm resistance. Hassle-free installation. Ensure appliance efficiency. Compatible with QP2-4R7 three-terminal relays.

34 W,53-UN-86, Universal Fridge Fan Motor and Mounting Bracket Kit

Enhance your fridge's cooling with a 34W Universal Fridge Fan Motor Kit. Designed for 220V, it runs at 1300-1550 rpm. Includes a mounting bracket for easy installation and optimal performance.

6750C-0004R Refrigerator Overload LG Electronics

Replace refrigerator overload with LG Electronics 6750C-0004R, fits multiple LG models. Check manual for compatibility.

Best refrigerator parts shop near me! Shop freezer, fridge, and refrigerator spare parts online

Are you looking for refrigerator components or experiencing problems with your appliance? Your search has come to an end! FAJ is the one-stop shop for all of your refrigerator components needs. Whether you require specific components or are experiencing problems with your appliance, we have you covered. Our broad selection of high-quality parts, which includes compressors, thermostats, and other components, provides a perfect fit for your refrigerator model. FAJ takes pride in providing excellent customer service and unbeatable rates. Go away to the frustration of constant searching and start exploring our wide catalog immediately. FAJ brings your search for high-quality refrigerator parts to a happy end.

Stay Eco-Friendly with Energy-Efficient Refrigerator Parts

FAJ has a large selection of refrigerator components, fridge spare parts online and freezer spare parts. We provide a wide choice of components to satisfy your individual requirements. We provide everything you need, from filter driers, convection motors, and cooling/defrost sensors to evaporator cooling coils, compressors, and motor fan blades. also offer temperature control thermostats, defrost thermal fuse sensors, compressor overload guards, defrost timers, copper and aluminum evaporator coils, cooling/defrost thermostats, defrost elements/heaters, condensing coils, and air dampers. FAJ offers high-quality parts to ensure your refrigerator runs smoothly.

High-Quality Components for Every Refrigerator Model

Find high-quality components for any refrigerator model at our convenient refrigerator parts shop near me in Dubai. We have the perfect parts for your stylish stainless steel refrigerator, small model, or big French door refrigerator. Our broad assortment of filter driers, compressors, cooling sensors, and motor fan blades is designed to provide optimal performance and lifetime for your appliance. You can rely on us to supply dependable components that will keep your refrigerator functioning properly for years to come since we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Service and Competitive Prices

At our refrigerator parts store near me in Dubai, you’ll get excellent customer service as well as affordable rates. We take pleasure in offering individual service, quick responses to enquiries, and a hassle-free buying experience. Our experienced team is committed to exceeding your expectations and assuring your pleasure. Furthermore, we provide competitive prices, making high-quality refrigerator parts affordable to everyone. Shop with confidence, knowing that you’ll get excellent customer service and an excellent value for your money.

Start Your Journey to a Well-Functioning Refrigerator with FAJ.

Begin your journey to a well-functioning refrigerator by shopping online with us in Dubai. provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality refrigerator parts to fulfill your requirements. Whether you’re seeking for specific components or want to improve the performance of your appliance, our online Freezer spare parts shop offers a convenient and hassle-free buying experience. We are here to ensure that your refrigerator works properly with our dependable products and commitment to customer satisfaction. Shop with us online in Dubai today and enjoy the ease of finding high-quality components from the comfort of your own home.

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