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Water Inlet Solenoid Valve

Aexit AC (Civil equipment hardware accessories) Thread Water Inlet Solenoid Valve for (22ry496qf544) Washing Machine 220V-260 ν 50Hz 3/4BSP

"AC 220V-260V Water Inlet Solenoid Valve with 3/4BSP Thread for Washing Machine, 8mm hose diameter, 50Hz frequency."

Aexit Washing (Civil equipment hardware accessories)Thread Water Inlet Solenoid Valve AC (19ry607qf677) 220V 50Hz Machine 3/4BSP Male

"AC 220V 50Hz Water Inlet Solenoid Valve with 3/4BSP Male Thread for Washing Machine, Plastic and Metal Material, 8mm hose diameter, Compact Size: 80 x 65 x 60mm."

Aexit Washing (Control electrical) Machine Water Inlet Electromagnetic Valve AC (35ry701qf222) 220V 50Hz

"AC 220V 50Hz Water Inlet Electromagnetic Valve for Washing Machines, Manufacturer: Aexit, Metal Material, 0.03 hp Horsepower, Low Sound Level."

Cold Water Inlet Valve by AMI PARTS -Washing Machine Water Inlet -Replaces AH3527431 EA3527431 5220FR2008L 5221ER1002B AP4445613 1268512 5220FR2008F

No, the description I provided is not half a line. It's longer than half a line. If you'd like a shorter version, please let me know, and I can provide a more concise description.

DC 12V Dual Head Water Inlet Solenoid Valve for Washing Machine Normally Closed DN20 G3/4

DC 12V Dual Head Water Inlet Solenoid Valve for Washing Machine. Suitable for DN20 G3/4 connections. Durable plastic and brass construction. Working pressure range: 0.02-0.8Mpa. Ideal for replacing faulty solenoid valves. Size: Approx. 7 x 6.5cm, Weight: Approx. 213g. Suitable for water up to 55°C.

DC97-15459G Samsung Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

The DC97-15459G Samsung Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve is a genuine OEM part for precise fit and durability, controlling water flow into the washer.

DN20 G3/4 DC 12V Dual Head Water Inlet Solenoid Valve for Washing Machine Normally Closed

DN20 G3/4 DC 12V Dual Head Water Inlet Solenoid Valve for Washing Machine - Durable plastic and brass construction, ideal for water (0-55°C) - A reliable replacement part for malfunctioning solenoid valves (0.02-0.8Mpa).

Double Connecting Valve Washing Machines Dishwasher with Additional Inlet

Double connecting valve for washing machines and dishwashers made of chrome-plated brass with 1/2" Inch BSP main inlet and additional inlet, 3/4" Inch BSP hose thread inlet, and 1/2" hose inlet.

Enterpark Premium Quality Cost Effective Part Package of 5221ER1003A, 5220FR2006H Replacement of Water Inlet Valve for Washing Machine

Authorized factory after-service replacement part package featuring 5221ER1003A and 5220FR2006H for fixing washer issues like leakage, water drain, and noise.

Genuine OEM Water Inlet Valve for GE Washing Machines GE WH13X10024

Genuine OEM WH13X10024 Water Inlet Valve for GE Washing Machines – Premium quality for reliable appliance repair.

Ice O Matic 1011357-143 Water Inlet Valve

Ice-O-Matic 1011357-143 Water Inlet Valve – Genuine OEM replacement part for reliable and safe ice machine performance.

Washing Machine Water Inlet Solenoid Valve | Washing Machine Inlet Pump Online Shop | FAJ

There are some important components that need to be kept in mind when it comes to washing machines, such as the washing machine water inlet solenoid valve (also referred to as the washer inlet valve) that regulates the flow of water into the washing machine. To ensure that your washer keeps running efficiently.

FAJ offers the convenience of buying high-quality washer inlet pumps online since we recognize the importance of this often overlooked part.

Laundry Inlet Pump: What They Do:

A washer inlet pump is responsible for controlling the amount of water that enters the washer during the washing cycle. Therefore, it ensures that the proper amount of water enters the machine, enabling the washing and rinsing of clothing to be performed as intended.

As a result, it plays a vital role in maintaining the overall performance of the washing machine.

Maintaining Optimal Water Flow:

Whenever your washing machine’s inlet pump fails, it is imperative that you replace it in order to ensure that your washer operates smoothly and efficiently.

When washing machines’ inlet pumps become clogged, worn out, or develop leaks over time, it can result in issues such as inadequate water supply, leaks, and other problems.

Washer Inlet Pump Replacement Signs:
  • Inadequate Water Supply: If your washing machine doesn’t fill up with water properly during cycles, it may be due to a malfunctioning inlet pump.

  • Inconsistent Water Levels: If the water levels during wash and rinse cycles are inconsistent, it may be a sign of a faulty inlet pump.

With a quality washer inlet pump from FAJ, you can ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of your washing machine. Our commitment to quality washer spare parts and customer satisfaction will enable you to maintain your appliance easily.

Don’t hesitate to buy your washer inlet pump online today so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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