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Water Heaters

Ariston ANDRIS R 10 L Undersink Unvented Electric Storage Water Heater

Ariston ANDRIS R 10 L Electric Water Heater, compact design, 29.8 x 36 x 38.5 cm, available since May 13, 2021.

Ariston ANDRIS R 15 L Undersink Unvented Electric Storage Water Heater

Ariston ANDRIS R 15 L Electric Water Heater: 15L capacity, 1.2KW power, compact white design, dimensions 36x36x81 CM, electric tank water heater.

Ariston ANDRIS R 30 L Undersink Unvented Electric Storage Water Heater

Ariston ANDRIS R 30 L Electric Water Heater: 30L capacity, 1.2KW power, white design, compact dimensions 36x36x81 CM, electric tank water heater with safety filter.

Ariston BLU R 100 Horizontal water heater

Ariston BLU R 100 H Electric Water Heater: 100L capacity, 1.5KW power, white, compact design (100x550x398 mm), fast heating, ideal for regular installation.

Ariston BLU R 100 Vertical water heater

Ariston BLU R 100 V Electric Water Heater: 100L capacity, 1.5KW power, white, compact design (100x550x398 mm), fast heating, suitable for vertical installation.

Ariston BLU R 150 Horizontal water heater

Ariston BLU R 150 H Horizontal Water Heater: 150L capacity, 5-year warranty, 1800W power, open heating element, stainless enamel tank, hidden temperature regulator.

Ariston BLU R 150 Vertical water heater

Ariston BLU R 150 V Vertical Water Heater: 150L capacity, 5-year warranty, 1800W power, 230V voltage.

Ariston BLU R 200 Horizontal water heater

Ariston BLU R 200 H Horizontal Water Heater: 200L capacity, 5-year warranty, 2000W power, wall installation (68L x 61B x 131H cm), hidden temperature regulator, stainless enamel tank, open heating element.

Ariston BLU R 200 Vertical STAB water heater

Ariston BLU R 200 V STAB Water Heater: 300L capacity, 3 kW power, 230/400V, 5.54h heating time, max temp 70°C, max pressure 6 bar, 71 kg weight.

Ariston BLU R 50 Horizontal water heater

Ariston BLU R 50 LH Horizontal Water Heater: 50L capacity, white design, compact dimensions 48x60.3x45 cm, made from alloy steel, lightweight at 150 grams.

Ariston BLU R 80 Horizontal water heater

Ariston BLU R 80 H Horizontal Water Heater: 80L capacity, white, dimensions 48x45x74 cm, weighs 22.5 kilograms.

Ariston Solar Water Heater 300 L CF

Ariston Solar Water Heater 300 L CF: Italian-made, efficient design with improved tube positioning for faster heating and ample hot water supply in the 300-2 model.

Water Heater Dubai | Water Heater Price in Dubai, UAE | FAJ

Welcome to our world of outstanding comfort and convenience with an outstanding variety of high-performance water heaters.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality water heaters that will improve your daily comfort. Our premium water heaters provide great features and cutting-edge technology to ensure a consistent and convenient supply of hot water for your household. Our water heaters are designed to maximize your comfort and enhance your whole experience, from energy efficiency to advanced controls.

Whether you need quick hot water or consistent temperature control, our high-quality brands such as Ariston, Heatex, and Milano give remarkable performance that exceeds your expectations. Ready to enjoy the calming warmth and ease of our high-performance water heaters? With our high-performance water heaters, you can say goodbye to cold showers and hello to a new level of comfort.

Buy the Best Water Heater in Dubai, UAE online for Your Comfort Needs:

Finding the ideal water heater in Dubai is critical for improving your daily comfort. To maintain a consistent supply of hot water, consider your specific needs and expectations. There are energy-efficient models available to assist you to save money on utility expenses while providing dependable performance. Experience the ease of on-demand hot water and precise temperature control that is customized to your comfort preferences. Choosing a proper water heater not only improves your daily routine but also increases the value of your home. Explore our collection and place your order today for maximum comfort and convenience.

Explore our extensive collection of water heaters: Water Heater Dubai, UAE

Discover our broad range of water heaters, all of which are designed to give unparalleled performance and optimum comfort. With our innovative water heating solutions and water heater price, you may enjoy the luxury of refreshing showers, easy dishwashing, and relaxing baths.

We have the perfect solution to meet your specific needs, whether you prefer the dependability of traditional storage water heaters, the cost-effectiveness of tankless or demand-type water heaters, the eco-friendliness of heat pump water heaters, the long-term reliability of solar water heaters, or the versatility of tankless coil and indirect water heaters.

Discover the power of Ariston solar water heaters, the sleek efficiency of Heatex models, and the durability of Milano water heaters in Dubai, UAE. Enjoy the convenience and pleasure of a constant supply of hot water with our outstanding range, raising your daily routine to new heights of comfort and delight.

Benefits of Water Heaters you get with us:

When you choose our water heaters, you gain access to several benefits that will improve your hot water experience. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our products:

Endless Hot Water Supply: Say goodbye to running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or while cleaning dishes. Our water heaters ensure your comfort and convenience by providing a consistent and dependable supply of hot water.

Energy Efficiency: Our water heaters are built with energy efficiency in mind. They optimize energy use by applying innovative technology, allowing you to save money on power bills while reducing your environmental footprint.

Versatile Options: We provide a wide choice of water heaters to meet a variety of needs and tastes. Whether you choose solar-powered systems for their environmental friendliness or electric water heaters for their convenience, we have the ideal solution for you.

High-Quality Construction: Our water heaters are crafted using top-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and longevity. You can trust in the reliability of our products, knowing that they are built to withstand the demands of daily use.

Space-Saving Designs: You can maximize space use in your home with our variety of tiny and vertical water heaters. These sleek and efficient appliances are ideal for apartments, smaller homes, or places where installation space is limited.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our water heaters are intended for easy installation, and if necessary, our team of experts can assist you with the setup process. We also offer advice on correct maintenance techniques to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Trusted Brand: We are proud to provide water heaters from regarded brands that are known for their competence and dependability. You can be confident in the quality and functionality of your water heater when you choose our products.

Water Heater Price in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, water heaters are a popular choice due to their affordability and ease of installation. Here is a closer look at the water heaters price ranges in Dubai:

  • Basic Models (AED 300 – AED 600): These are compact units with a lower capacity, suitable for small households or apartments. They provide essential hot water needs without breaking the bank.

  • Mid-Range Models (AED 600 – AED 1,200): These electric water heaters offer larger capacity and may come with added features like adjustable temperature settings, digital displays, and energy-saving modes.

  • Premium Models (AED 1,200 – AED 2,000): Top-of-the-line electric water heaters in Dubai offer advanced technology, faster heating times, and enhanced energy efficiency. These are ideal for larger households with greater hot water demands.

This price range is an estimate and may vary depending on the brand, the technology, and the installation requirements. To get the most accurate quotes and to determine the best water heater that suits your household needs and budget, it’s best to consult with local suppliers and professionals in Dubai. Whether you choose electric, gas, or solar, you will ensure year-round comfort and cost savings in the vibrant city of Dubai by making the right choice.

“Say goodbye to cold showers: Choose our Best Water Heater Online Today”

Find the ideal solution to your hot water demands by shopping online for high-quality water heaters. FAJ selection of water heaters delivers outstanding performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Explore our selection and select from a variety of models, including heat pumps, solar heaters, tankless coil and indirect heaters, conventional storage heaters, and tankless models. Find the appropriate water heater using the ease of online purchasing, elevating your daily comfort and convenience. Take a look around the products we have available right now and invest wisely in your hot water system with competitive water heater prices in Dubai.

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