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Vertical Water Heater

Ariston BLU R 100 Vertical water heater

Ariston BLU R 100 V Electric Water Heater: 100L capacity, 1.5KW power, white, compact design (100x550x398 mm), fast heating, suitable for vertical installation.

Ariston BLU R 150 Vertical water heater

Ariston BLU R 150 V Vertical Water Heater: 150L capacity, 5-year warranty, 1800W power, 230V voltage.

Ariston BLU R 200 Vertical STAB water heater

Ariston BLU R 200 V STAB Water Heater: 300L capacity, 3 kW power, 230/400V, 5.54h heating time, max temp 70°C, max pressure 6 bar, 71 kg weight.

Ariston Water Heater 100 Liter Vertical

Ariston PRO1 R 100 V EG Water Heater: 100L capacity, Italian-made, electric, vertical design, 1200W wattage, built-in installation.

Ariston Water Heater 50 Liter Vertical

Ariston PRO1 R 50 V EG Vertical Water Heater: 50L capacity, Italian-made, electric, white design, 1200W wattage, built-in installation.

Ariston Water Heater Vertical 80Litres

Ariston PRO1 R 80 V EG Vertical Water Heater: 80L capacity, Italian-made, electric, white design, 1200W wattage, built-in installation.

Milano Water Heater Vertical, 50 L, Fwh-50-15f (Including Installation)

Milano Vertical Water Heater (Model FWH-50-15F): 50L capacity, rated at 220-240V, includes installation without additional material costs, with a gross weight of 19.5 kg.

Vertical Water Heater | Buy Vertical Water Heater Dubai, UAE | FAJ

Welcome to our exclusive range of vertical water heaters, designed to elevate your hot water experience while optimizing space and energy efficiency. Vertical water heaters are the perfect solution for those seeking a compact yet powerful hot water solution, whether for residential or commercial use. Explore the unique advantages and superior features of our vertical water heaters.

Space-Saving Innovation: vertical type water heater

Our vertical type water heaters redefine the concept of space efficiency. By standing upright, they take up minimal floor space, making them an ideal choice for small apartments, condos, or any area where space is limited. Embrace the freedom to install your water heater in tight nooks and crannies while maintaining valuable floor space.

Tailored Capacities and Sizes: vertical electric water heater

Choose from a diverse range of capacities and sizes within our vertical electric water heater collection. Whether you need a petite unit for a single bathroom or a larger model to serve a bustling household, we offer options that cater to your specific hot water requirements. Customize your selection for a perfectly sized and efficient solution.

Energy Efficiency and Peak Performance:

Our vertical water heaters deliver top-tier energy efficiency and consistent performance. Engineered with advanced heating elements and superior insulation, they provide instant hot water while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Enjoy the luxury of on-demand hot water without compromising on efficiency.

Unparalleled Durability and Reliability:

Built with durability in mind, our vertical water heaters are constructed using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. These units are engineered to withstand the test of time, ensuring you have a reliable and consistent hot water source for years to come.

Streamlined Installation:

Installing a vertical water heater is a hassle-free process, making them an excellent choice for both new construction projects and retrofitting existing spaces. Save time and effort with our user-friendly installation options.

Maximize your available space and efficiency with our cutting-edge vertical water heaters. Explore our collection today to discover the ideal solution for your residential or commercial hot water needs. Experience the perfect blend of space-saving design, energy efficiency, and unwavering reliability with our vertical water heaters.

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