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-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System, Touch Screen

ANTECH -86℃ DualGuard ULT freezer is designed with two independent refrigerant systems to reassure the valuable samples are stored at security and reliable temperature. If one of the compressors partially fails, the other can continue to maintain freezer temperature at -80°C.
DualGuard ULT freezers are also designed to maximize storage samples capacity. 4 upright models with different capacities can meet most of the customers’ requirements.

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-86℃ DualGuard ULT Freezer

Dual Cooling System

The Dual Cooling System Ultra-low Freezer avoids conventional cascade refrigeration technology by using two completely independent one-compressor, auto-cascade cooling systems, each capable of maintaining ultra-low temperatures.

Each refrigeration circuit includes a closed-loop cold-wall evaporator configured in parallel to the other.
Conventional ULT freezers with single or cascade refrigeration circuits cannot work when one compressor fails.


Two independent refrigeration systems in one ULT freezer
Exceptionally uniform and reliable temperature
User-friendly design and low running costs
A remote alarm terminal mounted to connect to an external alarm system
A chart recorder is optional
LN2 backup system or CO2 backup system is optional


ANTECH -86℃ DualGuard ULT Freezer: Secure dual-system storage for valuable samples.


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-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System, Touch Screen