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-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System

The -86℃ ULT freezer is specially designed for a stable ultra-low temperature storage condition, to store germs,
erythrocytes, leucocytes, viruses, and many other biological materials. Installations can be found in research
institutes, the pharmacy industry, clinical labs, blood banks, and laboratories in electronic & chemical plants.

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-86C DualSafe ULT Freezer

1. Two Independent Refrigeration Systems to ensure double security for samples cold storage. If one system is a failure, the other one can maintain a temperature below -75°C.
2. Stable Refrigeration System and Reliable Performance, Fast Temperature Pull Down Time and Good Temperature uniformity
3. Double hydrocarbon cascade refrigeration system achieves very fast temperature cooling down to -80°C Intelligent Microprocessor controller and LED Digital display highly visible display, intelligent controller and simplified programming, easy to set up, program, check, and monitor parameters. Password lock provides unauthorized access to the freezer.
4. A green freezer with HC refrigerant, is more energy saving Non-greenhouse gas is used, more environmentally friendly.
Hydrocarbon refrigeration, super low power consumption.
5. Optional Co2 backup system and LN2 backup system can be supplied to guarantee extra safety for samples.


-86℃ ULT Freezer: Ideal for ultra-low temperature storage in labs, clinical settings, and research institutes.


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-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System