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Bosch Dishwasher Upper Rubber Door Seal Gasket 3 Sided

  • Genuine replacement door seal gasket for your Neff dishwasher.
  • This simple-to-fit door seal is an original manufacturer seal. Perfect if the old seal is mouldy or leaky.

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Suitable for the following models – Neff B1421N2GB/05,
S41M50N0GB/01, S41M50N0GB/20, S41M50N0GB/21, S41M50N0GB/26,
S41M50N0GB/28, S41M50S0GB/01, S41M50S0GB/26, S41M50S0GB/28,
S41M50W0GB/01, S41M63N0GB/01, S41M63N0GB/32, S41M63N0GB/43,
S41M63N0GB/50, S41M63N0GB/51, S41M63N0GB/52, S41M63N0GB/57,
S41M63N0GB/59, S41M63N1GB/44, S41M63N1GB/50, S41M63N1GB/55,
S41M63N1GB/73, S41M63N1GB/75, S41T69N0UK/01, S41T69N0UK/15,
S41T69N0UK/18, S41T69N0UK/23, S41T69N0UK/26, S41T69N0UK/27,
S41T69N0UK/28, S41T69N1GB/01, S41T69N1GB/32, S41T69N1GB/43,
S41T69N1GB/49, S41T69N1GB/50, S41T69N1GB/51, S41T69N1GB/52,
S41T69N1GB/57, S41T69N1GB/59, S41T69N2GB/50, S41T69N2GB/73,
S41T69N2GB/75, S41T69S0UK/01, S41T69S0UK/15, S4409N1GB/01,
S4409N1GB/02, S4409N1GB/03, S4430B0GB/01, S4430B0GB/07,
S4430W0GB/01, S4430W0GB/07, S4431B0GB/07, S4431B0GB/12,
S4431B0GB/13, S4431B0GB/20, S4431W0GB/07, S4431W0GB/12,
S4431W0GB/13, S4431W0GB/20, S4443A3EU/27, S4443A3EU/38,
S4443A3EU/42, S4443A3EU/43, S4443A3EU/44, S4453B0GB/07,
S4453B0GB/12, S4453B0GB/13, S4453N0GB/07, S4453N0GB/11,
S4453N0GB/12, S4453N0GB/13, S4453N1GB/17, S4453S0GB/07,
S4453S0GB/12, S4453S0GB/13, S4453S1GB/17, S4453W0GB/07,
S4453W0GB/12, S4453W0GB/13, S4453W1GB/17, S4456N3GB/35,
S4456N3GB/38, S4456N3GB/42, S4456N3GB/43, S4456N4GB/35,
S4456N4GB/47, S4456S3GB/35, S4456S3GB/38, S4456S3GB/42,
S4456S3GB/43, S4456S4GB/35, S4456S4GB/47, S4456W3GB/35,
S4456W3GB/38, S4456W3GB/42, S4456W3GB/43, S4456W4EU/35,
S4456W4EU/38, S4456W4EU/42, S4456W4EU/43, S4456W4EU/56,
S4456W4GB/35, S4456W4GB/47, S4457N0GB/17, S4457N0GB/32,
S4457N0GB/36, S4457N0GB/37, S4466B0GB/07, S4466B0GB/12,
S4466N1GB/03, S4466N1GB/05, S4466N1GB/07, S4466N1GB/12,
S4466N2GB/12, S4466N2GB/17, S4466N2GB/20, S4466N2GB/21,
S4466W0GB/07, S4466W0GB/12, S4466W1GB/03, S4466W1GB/05,
S4466W1GB/07, S4466W1GB/12, S44E55W0EU/93, S44E55W1EU/01,
S44M45N3GB/35, S44M45N3GB/73, S44M45N5GB/01, S44M45N5GB/82,
S44M45N5GB/90, S44M45N5GB/93, S44T09N3EU/01, S44T09N3EU/06,
S44T09N3EU/13, S44T09N3EU/21, S44T09N3GB/01,


Upgrade your Neff dishwasher with the Genuine Bosch Dishwasher Upper Rubber Door Seal Gasket. Ensure a secure, leak-free fit with this original manufacturer seal. Trust in this genuine Neff product for a perfect replacement.


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Bosch Dishwasher Upper Rubber Door Seal Gasket 3 Sided

Bosch Dishwasher Upper Rubber Door Seal Gasket 3 Sided