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BWT Bestprotect M Filter Cartridge 125501405


  • Filter system for a balanced mineral balance in the water
  • Ideal for the taste of coffee and espresso
  • Efficient reduction of overall hardness with pH value stabilization
  • Excellent sensory quality of the filtrate
  • Water optimization for all hot and cold drinks
  • Optimal corrosion protection for machine technology and stainless steel
  • Maintaining the value of machines
  • Protection against extremely difficult to dissolve deposits such as plaster
  • Minimizing maintenance effort


Minimum Order Quantity:  4

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The BWT best protect filter cartridge protects your equipment by balancing minerals in the water and maintains a high pH value, the combination of which result’s in great tasting, clean water.  The BWT best protect filter provides critical protection by preventing gypsum (calcium sulphate) and limescale from forming.  High levels of salt in water can result in corroded machine components.  This is prevented by the BWT filter by ensuring a consistently high pH value. This filter can be used horizontally or vertically.


BWT bestprotect is an outstanding filter solution that uses BWT top technology to optimally protect machine technology in the catering industry, especially for the production of hot drinks.


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BWT Bestprotect M Filter Cartridge 125501405 Price or Shop in Dubai UAE.

BWT Bestprotect M Filter Cartridge 125501405