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EGO 3570039010 Circular 3 Turn Fan Oven Element 2500W Zanussi EC5614

  • 2500W – 3 turn Height = 253mm Width = 189mm Bracket = 100mm Tags = 23mm apart Part Number:3570039010
  • Alternate Part Numbers: QUAELE6336, BMTX1170000136, 1170000136, X1170000136, QUAELE201, 481225998583, 481225998465, 49005298, 3570039010, 1170000703, ELE9257
  • Check the size of the element before ordering it. Note that these measurements are approximate.
  • This is a genuine original product made and supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

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Zanussi:EC5614, EC5614, EC9614, EC9614,FM5101, FM5230, FM5232, FM5611, FM5612, FM9101, FM9230, FM9232, FM9611, FM9612,GC5600, GC5601, GC9601, HC5617, MC5634, MC5634, SC9412NA,ZBC741R, ZBC748C, ZBC748G, ZBC848C, ZBC848C, ZBC848CU, ZBC848G, ZBD902B, ZBD902B, ZBD902W, ZBD902W, ZBD903B, ZBD903W, ZBD904, ZBD904, ZBD904, ZBD904B, ZBD904W, ZBD904W, ZBF760B, ZBF760W, ZBF860B, ZBF860B, ZBF860B, ZBF860W, ZBF860W, ZBF860W, ZBF860X, ZBF860X, ZBF863B, ZBF863W, ZBF865A, ZBF865B, ZBF865N, ZBF865W, ZBF865X, ZBF865Y, ZBG861B, ZBG861W, ZBM878B, ZBM878N, ZBM878W, ZBM878X, ZBM879SB, ZBM879SW, ZBM879SX, ZBM890B, ZBM890W, ZBM972ALU, ZBM973ALU, ZBS701B, ZBS701W, ZBS703A, ZBS703B, ZBS703BL, ZBS703SS, ZBS703W, ZBS705B, ZBS705W, ZBS772X, ZBS773X, ZBV848G,ZCE610X, ZCE620X, ZCE630X, ZCE7000B, ZCE7000W, ZCE700X, ZCE7200W, ZCE7300W, ZCE7300W, ZCE7350BL, ZCE7350G, ZCE7400B, ZCE7500W, ZCE7600B, ZCE7600W, ZCE7700C, ZCE7700G, ZCE7700X, ZCE7701CH, ZCE7701X, ZCE7800W, ZCE8020AX, ZCE8020CH, ZCG6000B, ZCG6000W, ZCG6000W, ZCG6000W, ZCG6200W, ZCG6600, ZCG6600W, ZCG7700XN, ZCG7701XL, ZCG7701XN, ZCG7900XN, ZCG7901XL, ZCG7901XN, ZCM5000, ZCM500W, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200W, ZCM5200W, ZCM5200W, ZCM5600W, ZCM610X, ZCM620X, ZCM630X, ZCM700X, ZCM700X, ZCM7901XN ,ZDA45B, ZDA45W, ZDA55B, ZDC888C, ZDC888G, ZDF86, ZDF866B, ZDF866W, ZDF866X, ZDF867B, ZDF867N, ZDF867W, ZDF867X, ZDM86, ZDM868B, ZDM868W, ZDM869, ZDM869X, ZDM891B, ZDM891W,ZHF865B, ZHF865N, ZHF865W, ZHF865X, ZKF641B, ZKF641HB, ZKF641HN, ZKF641HW, ZKF641HX, ZKF641N, ZKF641W, ZKF641X, ZKL850LX, ZSA10B, ZSA15B, ZSA15W, ZSA25B, ZSA25W, ZSA35B, ZSA35W, ZSG38


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EGO 3570039010 Circular 3 Turn Fan Oven Element 2500W Zanussi EC5614