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Energy & Power Quality Analyzer Measurement Meter UMG 96 PA Janitza


Nowadays it is very important to select the right energy meters for your power is not enough to get basic volt and current parameters. Today is the demand for getting energy data and analyzing it. This is the only way to monitor your all Electrical load’s energy consumption to avoid wastage of power. Janitza UMG 96 PA is an ideal device for collecting and monitoring Electrical measured values. Collected data can be used for energy management, power quality, and residual current monitoring. This unit gives features to detect residual current early detection to avoid downtime and alert for the equipment life cycle. All devices of UMG 96 PA allow a measurement up to 500 without a voltage transformer.

PRICE: 1,926.65 AED
Quantity 1-5 (5 % Discount)
Quantity 5-10 (7 % Discount)
Quantity Above-10 (Discuss with us on Email)

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Energy Measuring Device UMG 96 PA

Energy Measuring Device UMG 96-PA with clock, battery, and test data memory (4 MB) for installation in the front panel.
Intuitive user guide
High-quality color graphic display with user-friendly menu navigation.
Additional usage possibilities with a wide range of peripherals (three digital inputs and outputs as well as an analog output)
MID-measurement (approval pending)
Manipulation and legal secure detection of energy data.
Measurement of current and voltage parameters
For the recording of current and voltage measurement sizes in different web forms of TN and TT networks with overvoltage category of 600 V CAT III.
Modular (expandable)
2 analog inputs – either as a 0 – 20 mA analogue inputs (e.g. DC measurement) or as RCM inputs with cable-break detection and additional measurement of temperature.

4 functions – one energy measuring device.
Energy management system
Continuous Energy Monitoring
Identification of potential savings
Reduction in power costs
Fulfillment of tax & Regulatory Requirements
MID-compliant measurement
Certified and tamper-proof MID-measurement
Right secure billing & energy acquisition (EEG-law, StromStG)
Fulfillment of legal requirements
Voltage quality (Power Quality)
Secure, highly available power supply
Prevent production outages
Maximize the operating times/preventive maintenance.
Prevention of quality defects in the product
Differential current monitoring (RCM)
A permanent monitoring of the residual current
Supports fire and personal protection
Effort reduction at the DGUV V3 test
Higher system availability

For More Technical Details


  • Supply voltage: 90 V – 277 V (50/60) Hz or 90 V – 250 V DC
  • Installation Category: 300 V CAT III
  • 3 voltage measurement inputs:
  • Measuring category: 600 V CAT III
  • Measurement in 3-Phase 4-conductor systems up to 417V/720V (+ -10%) according to IEC
  • Measurement in 3-Phase 3-conductor systems up to 600 V (+ -10%.
  • 3 power measurement inputs:
  • Measuring category: 300 V CAT II
  • Rated current 5 A/1 A adjustable
  • Current measuring range: 0.5 mA… 6 A
  • Resolution: 0.1MA
  • Periphery:
  • Each 3 x digital inputs and outputs
  • 1 x analog output
  • 1x RS485 (Modbus RTU)

Janitza UMG 96 PA: Essential for precise energy monitoring and power quality analysis, offering early residual current detection and equipment life alerts. Price starts at 1,926.65 AED with quantity discounts available.


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Energy & Power Quality Analyzer Measurement Meter UMG 96 PA Janitza