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Fisher & Paykel Smeg Oven Safety Thermostat 160°C ORIGINAL – 575637 818731550

ORIGINAL Thermal Cutout Thermal Cut out
160 Degrees 271P T300
Part codes: 818731550 575637
160 Rated Thermostats
Fisher & Paykel OR90SCBGX1, OR90SLBGX1

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This is an original 160°C safety thermostat (thermal cutout) compatible with Fisher & Paykel and Smeg ovens, featuring part codes 818731550 and 575637.


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Fisher & Paykel Smeg Oven Safety Thermostat 160°C ORIGINAL - 575637 818731550 Price Shop in Dubai UAE.

Fisher & Paykel Smeg Oven Safety Thermostat 160°C ORIGINAL – 575637 818731550