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Knob Timer 201501W

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Discover the Efficiency of the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob (Part Number: 201501W) –

Introducing the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob (Part Number: 201501W) – a versatile and essential component for your laundry equipment, now offered exclusively at With its exceptional features and quality, this knob is designed to enhance your laundry experience.

Product Details:

Brand Name: Speed Queen
Capacity: 2 Inches
Part Number: 201501W
Control Console: Knob
Upgrade your laundry setup with the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob (Part Number: 201501W), a vital accessory that brings efficiency and convenience to your laundry tasks. Crafted by Speed Queen, a trusted name in the industry, this knob is a testament to quality and reliability.

Designed with a 2-inch capacity, this knob offers precise control over your laundry equipment. Its intuitive knob design ensures easy adjustments and smooth operation, allowing you to fine-tune settings effortlessly.

Whether you’re managing a laundromat or maintaining a commercial laundry facility, the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob is a valuable addition. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a dependable choice for your laundry needs.

The knob’s compatibility with various control consoles, especially its user-friendly knob interface, makes it a seamless replacement or upgrade for your existing equipment. Effortlessly integrate it into your setup to experience enhanced control and improved efficiency.

At, we’re committed to providing top-notch laundry solutions, and the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob reflects this commitment. By choosing this accessory, you’re investing in a high-quality, reliable component that will optimize your laundry operations.

Embrace the efficiency of the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob (Part Number: 201501W) – order now from and take a step towards enhancing your laundry experience with quality and precision.


Discover the Efficiency of the Speed Queen 2-Inch Knob (Part Number: 201501W) – 


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Knob Timer 201501W Price Shop in Dubai UAE.

Knob Timer 201501W