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Oven 160c Cut Out Switch

Oven 160c cut out switch used on Chef, Kleenmaid, St George & Smeg and many more ovens, safety over temperature safety thermostat cut out switch N/C Contact 16 amp

Oven 160c Cut-Out Switch
An oven cut-out thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of the oven so that the temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint. The thermostat does this by switching heating to the element on or off or regulating the flow of a heat transfer as needed to maintain the correct temperature.
The 160c oven over temperature safety thermostat detects when the temperature gets too high in an oven and opens circuits causing power loss to the elements protecting the oven from cooking itself ( we want our food cooked not the oven )
160c N/C Contact 16 amp 818731550
Suits Chef, Kleenmaid, St George, Smeg & many more ovens, safety over temperature safety thermostat cut out switch

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The Oven 160c Cut-Out Switch is a crucial safety component used in ovens from renowned brands like Chef, Kleenmaid, St George, Smeg, and others. This thermostat plays a vital role in maintaining the oven’s temperature near the desired setpoint. It achieves this by regulating the heating element’s operation, ensuring precise temperature control during cooking.

The 160c oven over-temperature safety thermostat is designed to detect excessive heat within the oven. When temperatures rise too high, it opens circuits, interrupting power to the elements, thus preventing the oven from overheating and ensuring the safety of your cooking process. With a 160c temperature rating and a 16 amp N/C Contact, this thermostat is a reliable safety feature to protect both your oven and your culinary creations. Trust in its performance for consistent and safe cooking experiences.


Oven 160c Cut-Out Switch: Ensures oven safety by regulating temperature for Chef, Kleenmaid, St George, Smeg, and more. Reliable 160c thermostat with 16 amp N/C Contact for precise cooking control.


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Oven 160c Cut Out Switch

Oven 160c Cut Out Switch