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Oven Grill Element Part – 062075004

Oven Grill Element Part – 062075004

Fits:  Elba PX906; Kenwood CK640, CK680;

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The Oven Grill Element (Part – 062075004) is a versatile replacement component designed to fit various oven models, including Elba PX906, Kenwood CK640, and CK680. This element plays a crucial role in generating the necessary heat for efficient grilling, ensuring even cooking and browning of your dishes.

Crafted for durability and performance, it can withstand high temperatures and extended usage. Installation should be carried out with safety precautions, and professional assistance may be required if you’re uncertain about the process.

Ensure compatibility with your specific oven model before installation. This grill element is a dependable replacement part that will enhance your oven’s grilling capabilities, allowing you to create perfectly grilled and browned dishes with ease. Upgrade your cooking experience with this essential component for optimal grilling results.


Oven Grill Element (Part – 062075004): Fits Elba PX906 and Kenwood CK640, CK680. Enhances grilling performance for perfect results.


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Oven Grill Element Part – 062075004 Price Shop in Dubai UAE.

Oven Grill Element Part – 062075004