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Panasonic Compressors

Panasonic introduced fewer parts and smoother operation into their compressor design to give customers more efficiency with fewer maintenance costs. This can help enterprises cost-effectively maintain equipment for longer periods. Panasonic compressors also have fewer moving parts than others, which reduces the risk of breakdowns. They also have low reiteration impulsion (minimum energy required) and low sliding velocity (low friction). Panasonic has accomplished low sound power levels and low vibration.

Panasonic is an engineering multinational company that has a wide range of products. They manufacture high-quality compressors that have low power consumption and are light in weight. Panasonic compressors are well known for their durability and performance.

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Panasonic has been the industry leader in air conditioning for a long time. they specialize in supplying a wide range of Air Conditioner spares for all Panasonic air conditioning models. Panasonic Compressors can also help you diagnose your problems if you’re unsure about the issue that’s affecting your AC unit.

Panasonic is well-known for its compressors and has comparatively lesser moving parts than any other compressor on the market. These units have a quiet operation which makes them perfect for office environments. Panasonic has two series of compressors, one for commercial and the other for industrial use. The commercial series has 5 models and the industrial series has 3 models. The compressors are designed with a special heat exchanger combined with optimum cooling systems to provide the best performance in any climate. And because they have fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance than others on the market.

We are one of the top suppliers of Panasonic Compressors Ac spare parts in Dubai, UAE. We carry a large variety of Panasonic Compressors to suit your needs. With us, you can be sure to get reliable authorized services from our technicians. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.


Sl.No Model Number Specification
1 2JS438D3BB04 Rotary compressor
2 2JS438D3AA02 Rotary compressor
3 2V40S225BUA Rotary compressor
4 CSB303H8A Scroll compressor
5 CSB353H8A Scroll compressor
6 CSB373H8A Scroll compressor
7 CSB453H8A Scroll compressor

Panasonic compressors offer efficiency, durability, and reduced maintenance costs with fewer moving parts.


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Panasonic Compressors