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Refrigerator DA47-10160F Thermo Bimetal-Protector


  • This part is compatible with models including; RS2530BBP/XAA-00,RS2621SW/XAA,RS2623VQ/XAA,RS2630SW/XAA-00,RS2630SH/XAA-00,RS2530BSH/XAA-00,RS2623SH/XAA,RS2624WW/XAA,RS2623BB/XAA,RS2623SL/XAA,RS2623WW/XAA,RS2530BWP/XAA-00
  • Defrost bimetal thermostat DA47-10160F protects the evaporator from overheating during the defrost cycle

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Meet the DA47-10160F Refrigerator Thermo Bimetal-Protector, a vital part compatible with an array of refrigerator models, including RS2530BBP/XAA-00 and RS2623WW/XAA. This defrost bimetal thermostat plays a crucial role in protecting the evaporator from overheating during defrost cycles.

By preventing excessive heat, it ensures optimal cooling efficiency and extends the life of your refrigerator. This component is designed for hassle-free installation and reliable, long-term performance.

Don’t compromise on the well-being of your fridge—invest in this bimetal thermostat to maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature. Ensure your appliance runs smoothly, providing you with fresh and preserved food.


DA47-10160F Thermo Bimetal-Protector: Protects evaporator, compatible with multiple models, ensuring safe and efficient refrigerator operation.


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Thermo Bimetal-Protector

Refrigerator DA47-10160F Thermo Bimetal-Protector