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Speed Queen Dryer Timer

Speed Queen Genuine OEM 505797P Dryer Timer. The timer controls the electrical components and the duration of the dryer cycles.

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The Speed Queen Genuine OEM 505797P Dryer Timer is an essential component within your dryer, responsible for overseeing and managing various electrical functions and precisely regulating the duration of your dryer cycles. This meticulously designed timer plays a pivotal role in ensuring your laundry dries efficiently and effectively.

At the heart of this OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) timer is a sophisticated control system, carefully engineered to coordinate the operation of the electrical components within your dryer. These components include heating elements, fans, motors, and other critical elements that collectively work together to provide you with optimal drying performance.

What truly sets this timer apart is its ability to accurately time and control the various cycles your dryer offers. Whether it’s a quick dry, a delicate cycle, or a heavy-duty load, the Speed Queen 505797P Dryer Timer ensures that each cycle operates for the exact duration required to achieve the desired level of dryness. This precision is invaluable, as it helps prevent over-drying or under-drying, which can be detrimental to your clothing and energy efficiency.

As a genuine OEM part, you can trust in its quality and compatibility with your Speed Queen dryer model. It’s designed to seamlessly replace your existing timer, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting solution that keeps your dryer running at its best.

In summary, the Speed Queen Genuine OEM 505797P Dryer Timer is a critical component that controls the electrical functions and cycle duration of your dryer. Its precision and compatibility make it an essential part for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your Speed Queen dryer, ensuring your laundry comes out perfectly dried every time.


The Speed Queen Genuine OEM 505797P Dryer Timer controls electrical functions and cycle duration, ensuring precise drying performance and compatibility with your Speed Queen dryer.


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Speed Queen Dryer Timer

Speed Queen Dryer Timer