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Thermostat 16A 250V 230C T300 Gas / Electric Ovens – C00139061

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Replaces the piece(s) C00139061, 482000022934

Thermostat 16A 250V 230C T300 for HOTPOINT ARISTON ovens In order for your oven to reach just the right temperature to cook your food, a certain process has to take place. Installed directly behind the control knob, the purpose of the thermostat is to regulate the temperature. Equipped with a thermocouple sensor (the tiny metal cone that you can just about see at the bottom of the machine), it will detect the temperature of the appliance in real-time and will thus notify the circuit board. If the temperature recorded by the thermostat is too low, the heating elements start up. If, on the other hand, the temperature is already too high, the heating elements switch off. Signs that indicate that the machine’s thermostat is faulty: The oven is no longer heating up as normal The appliance continues to heat after being switched off Your appliance stops working on its own The machine doesn’t switch on at all The self-clean function on the oven no longer works The oven won’t heat up at all The fan continues operating when the oven is no longer being used There you have an overview of the problems that can be caused by your oven’s thermostat! If you notice one of these signs and, having checked it, you realise that your thermostat is defective, it may need to be replaced

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Thermostat 16A 250V 230C T300 Gas / Electric Ovens – C00139061