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Washing Machine Inlet Hose Extension 2m

  • The hose includes a seal on both ends to ensure a water-tight and long-lasting fit, which is flexible and can achieve the best extension for your needs.
  • Wide Applications: The washing machine inlet hose can be used as needed for washing machines, etc., and is also ideal for other devices that need to extend the water pipe.
  • Package Includes: You will receive 1 x long washing machine hose, the connection fittings are 25mm/1inch, and the hose length is 2m/6.6ft.

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The Washing Machine Inlet Hose Extension, measuring 2 meters in length, offers a versatile and practical solution for extending water connections. Key features include:

  • Secure and Durable: This hose comes equipped with seals on both ends, ensuring a water-tight and long-lasting fit. Its flexibility allows you to achieve the ideal extension length to meet your specific needs.
  • Wide Range of Applications: While primarily designed for washing machines, this inlet hose extension is also suitable for various other devices that require extended water pipes, adding to its versatility.
  • Package Contents: Each package includes one long washing machine hose with connection fittings of 25mm/1 inch in diameter. The hose itself has a generous length of 2 meters or 6.6 feet.

Enhance your plumbing flexibility with the Washing Machine Inlet Hose Extension, a reliable and adaptable solution for various water extension needs.


2m Washing Machine Inlet Hose Extension: Versatile, durable, and includes connection fittings for a secure fit.

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Washing Machine Inlet Extension Hose

Washing Machine Inlet Hose Extension 2m