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Washing Machine Water Level Sensor Part DC96-01703B

Replacement Samsung Washing Machine Pressure Switch senses and controls the water level in the Washing Machine.
Samsung DC96-01703B Washing Machine Pressure Switch is also called the Water Level Pressure Switch.

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The DC96-01703B Water Level Sensor is a crucial component in Samsung washing machines, responsible for accurately measuring and managing the water level during wash cycles. This pressure switch, interchangeably known as the Water Level Pressure Switch, ensures the washer functions effectively by preventing overfilling or underfilling of water. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the balance and performance of the washing machine. Replacing your old or malfunctioning pressure switch with the DC96-01703B is a reliable way to restore optimal water level control and ensure your laundry gets cleaned thoroughly without complications. This part is essential for maintaining the proper operation of your Samsung washing machine, providing peace of mind with each wash cycle.


Samsung DC96-01703B Water Level Sensor: Precise water level control for efficient washing. Essential replacement for Samsung washers.


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water level sensor

Washing Machine Water Level Sensor Part DC96-01703B