Air Conditioning Fan Serpentine Belt

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  • Usually made up of a metal mesh belt and rubberized fabric cover which provides a seal against the moving parts within the machine.
  • The rubberized material provides adequate levels of cushion to absorb noise and vibrations from moving parts within the equipment.
  • A feature called vibration dampening ring helps to minimize noise caused by vibration or rough surfaces while still protecting against impacts that can cause damage to the device or its components.

Fan Serpentine Belt is a part that circulates air and maintains proper airflow for your AC unit. It’s made up of two parts, an upper and a lower, which are connected by a plastic belt. The fan breaks down air into smaller particles to increase efficiency in the cooling process. The benefits of using this Air Conditioning Fan Serpentine Belt are that it lasts longer; it increases cooling performance; it reduces power consumption, and it helps save energy costs.

A serpentine belt, also referred to as a multi-vee belt, a poly-vee belt, or a multi-rib belt, is a single, continuous belt that powers several ancillary components found in an automobile engine, including an alternator, a power steering pump, a water pump, an air conditioning compressor, and an air pump. It may take less space in the engine compartment and is more effective than the previous multiple belt system. Abbreviations: air conditioner, water pump, alternator, power steering pump, etc.

  • Product Name : Serpentine Belt;Metric Number : 4PK1050
  • Belt Type : Poly-V;No. Ribs : 4
  • Top Width(Approx.) : 14mm/0.6″;Effective Length : 1050mm/41.3
  • Material : Rubber;Color : Black
  • Weight : 80g;Package Content : Serpentine Belt