Copeland Refrigeration Compressor for Air Conditioners

Vendor FAJ AE
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Copeland compressors are the leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, It provides a variety of options for your commercial refrigerator or freezer. Available in a range of sizes, they deliver the best value and performance in the market. Explore the world of Copeland.

Copeland Compressors are one of the most popular brands for commercial refrigeration due to their decades of experience, reputation, and proven results. All Copeland compressors are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA so you know that your compressor is going to be reliable.

The Copeland Compressor can be used in various applications such as hospitals, research laboratories, food processing plants, and other industrial applications. It is a type of reliable machinery that can be applied in a wide range of applications. This compressor helps in cooling and refrigeration. Customers can also get energy-efficient solutions from the machine.

 These products are made of excellent raw materials, making them durable and reliable. Due to their features such as high performance, reliability, and durability, our products have been perfect for those who want to buy an Ac compressor.


Sl No Model Number Specification Voltage
1 ZR36K3EPFJ522 Scroll compressor, 28,800 btu 220-240V
2 ZR42K3EPFJ522 Scroll compressor, 35,000 btu 220-240V
3 ZR47K3EPFJ522 Scroll compressor, 37,400 btu 220-240V
4 ZR36KCETFD522 Scroll compressor 380-420 V
5 ZR42KCETFD522 Scroll compressor 380-420 V
6 ZR48KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 38,600 btu 380-420 V
7 ZR54KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 44,400 btu 380-420 V
8 ZR57KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 45,500 btu 380-420 V
9 ZR61KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 47,800 btu 380-420 V
10 ZR68KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 54,000 btu 380-420 V
11 ZR72KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 56,500 btu 380-420 V
12 ZR81KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 63,500 btu 380-420 V
13 ZR94KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 78,600 btu 380-420 V
14 ZR108KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 88,100 btu 380-420 V
15 ZR125KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 103,000 btu 380-420 V
16 ZR144KCETFD522 Scroll compressor, 118,000 btu 380-420 V
17 ZR160KCETFD522 Scroll compressor 380-420 V
18 ZR190KCETFD522 Scroll compressor 380-420 V