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LG Air Conditioning Compressors

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LG offers high-quality equipment that is designed with cutting-edge technology. LG Air Conditioning Compressors are some of the most reliable brands in the market. With their wide range of discharge capacities and various efficiency levels, you will be able to find the perfect match for your application and needs.
1. High-efficiency design
2. High reliability
3. Low vibration & noise

LG Air Conditioning Compressors is a renowned leader in the HVAC industry, and they have been successfully supplying heating and cooling units to various industries for more than four decades. LG offers a wide range of air conditioning compressors that can be customized to meet the needs of any home or commercial system.

LG Air conditioning compressors are the leading air conditioner production company, with a wide range of devices to satisfy any need. The brand has been able to maintain its position as a global leader because it has high-quality products, which are available throughout the world. The compressors provide higher efficiency and reliability than any other air conditioning unit available to date. This is because they were designed with all the efficiency-maximizing technologies, including the world’s highest inverter efficiency of up to 99% that can be found in non-variable products. We are one of the leading air conditioning compressor spare parts suppliers in the UAE and offer the finest range of superior quality air conditioning spare parts around the world.

The LG refrigerant range includes a variety of different compressor models:
– Drum-type compressors offer high efficiency and low noise.
– Rotary compressors offer high capacity and long discharge operation.
– Screw-type compressors are perfect for cold storage and they come with various discharge capacities.


Sl No Model Number Specification Voltage LRA
1 QK222PFA Rotary compressor, 12,800 btu 220-240 V 39
2 QV308PMA Rotary compressor, 18,000 btu 220-240 V 57
3 QP325PBA Rotary compressor, 19,200 btu 220-240 V 59
4 QVS325PMA Rotary compressor 220-240 V 53
5 QP407PAA Rotary compressor, 24,100 btu 220-240 V 75
6 QP442PBA Rotary compressor, 26,000 btu 220-240 V 75
7 QP425YAD Rotary compressor, 25,000 btu 380-420 V 32
8 QP425YAE Rotary compressor, 25,000 btu 380-420 V
9 QPT525PB Rotary compressor, 30,780 btu 220-240 V 70
10 QPT525YAA Rotary compressor, 30,780 bt 380-420 V 37
11 QPT525YAB Rotary compressor 380-420 V 37
12 SBA040PAA Scroll compressor  220-240 V 106
13 SQ042PBA Scroll compressor  220-240 V 76
14 SQ042PCA Scroll compressor  220-240 V
15 SBA052YBA Scroll compressor  380-420 V 48
16 SB061YAB Scroll compressor
17 SBA061YBA Scroll compressor 48
18 SR073YAA Scroll compressor 76
19 SR073YAB Scroll compressor 76
20 SR073YAE Scroll compressor 76
21 SR081YAB Scroll compressor
22 ARA055NAB Scroll compressor
23 ARA081YAB Scroll compressor
24 JBB055DAA Scroll compressor
25 JBA055DAA Scroll compressor