R134a MAXRON Refrigerant Gas

Vendor FAJ AE
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Appearance Liquefied, colorless gas
Odor Ether like (slight)
Physical state Gas at normal temperature and pressure
Melting point – 101.0 °C
Boiling point – 26.2 °C
Vapor pressure 4270 mm Hg at 20°C
Solubility in water Slightly soluble
Solubility in others Soluble in chlorinated solvents, esters, polyethylene glycol & alcohols
Specific gravity 1.22 at 20°C
Vapor density 3.66 at normal boiling point

Maxron® R134A (TETRAFLUOROETHANE) is a long term, environmentally friendly, Non-Ozone-depleting, Energy efficient, Non-Toxic, Nonflammable Refrigerant Gas widely used in Automobile Air conditioning, Residential, Commercial and industrial Air conditioning and also used in Medium Temperature Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, Food processing, Storage Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Transport Refrigeration and also used in High-Temperature heat pumps. Maxron® R134a is mainly developed to substitute CFC’s and HCFC’s which is having Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and relatively less GWP.