Refrigerator 6750C-0004R Overload LG Electronics

Vendor FAJ AE
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LG Electronics part number 6750C-0004R Refrigerator overload compressor See product description for list of compatible models Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

LG 6750C-0004R Refrigerator Overload Compressor. for use with the following LG Electronics models: LFX25960SB, LFX25960ST, LFX25960SW, LFX25960TT, LSC26905SB, LSC26905SW, LSC26905TT, GRL207MSU, GML277BSRA, LRSC26922SB, GRL258SSWQ, LFX25961ST, LFX25971ST, LFX25961SW, LFX25971SW, GRG267AVBA, GRL267ATBA, LRSC26922SW, GRL267BTR, LRSC26912TT, LRSC26922TT, LSC27926SB, GRL218USGH, LSC27926ST, LSC21943ST, LSC27926SW, LSC27926TT, GRL267ATFA, GML277USRY, GRL218SSKA, GRL218USJH, LSC27991TT, GRL258STWA, LFX23961SB, GML267BVRA, GML277BTRA, GRD277STSA, LFX21960ST, LFX23961ST, LFX21980ST, LFX23961SW, GML238SQXH, GML238SVXH, LRSC26923SW, GML267BQRY, LRSC26923TT, GRL258UQGH, GRL258UVGH, GRL218DSVA. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

Replace your refrigerator's overload with the LG Electronics 6750C-0004R Overload Compressor, compatible with various LG models for seamless operation. Check your manual to ensure you're ordering the right part. Enjoy hassle-free installation and optimal performance.