Servomotor voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 20000 VA EM

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SUNTEK voltage regulator is designed for professional use in industrial enterprises, office centers, holiday villages and in various institutions. The device effectively prevents the breakdown of expensive equipment and other equipment from failures in the mains. The robust housing of the stabilizer reliably protects all its internal components from damage, and the presence of a door with a lock in it ensures the convenience of their maintenance.


Rated power, VA


Input voltage range, V


Output voltage range, V


Stabilization type


Accuracy output voltage,%




Distortion sine wave


Operating range t ° C

-5 - +40



Network Connection Method

terminal block

Protection against short circuit



3 years

Overall dimensions, cm


Weight, kg


Protect your electronic devices with this highly effective and reliable voltage stabilizer SUNTEK. This stabilizer offers unmatched protection and optimal performance for your equipment thanks to the following advantages:

  • Unbeatable stabilization accuracy (within 3%) ensures your devices always receive the stable voltage they need to function flawlessly.
  • Maintains full power even at low input voltage (as low as 140 volts), allowing the stabilizer to function effectively even during significant voltage drops in the power grid.
  • Informative LCD display provides users with all the necessary information about the stabilizer's operation, including input and output voltage, as well as its current operating mode.
  • Wide operating range (from 120 to 285 volts) safeguards your equipment from any voltage fluctuations in the power grid, including both undervoltage and voltage spikes.
  • Multi-level protection system:
    • Short circuit protection reacts instantly to short circuits in the network, preventing damage to connected devices.
    • Overload (overheating) protection kicks in when the stabilizer experiences an overload, protecting it from malfunction.
    • Undervoltage protection automatically shuts down connected devices when the voltage in the network falls below a safe level, safeguarding them from errors and damage.
    • Overvoltage protection activates during voltage spikes, shielding your equipment from damage.
    • Impulse noise protection (including lightning strikes) effectively filters the power grid from high-voltage impulses that can occur during thunderstorms or switching operations.
  • Efficient suppression of network noise ensures stable power for sensitive electronics, preventing malfunctions.

Stylish Design: The LCD display with a pleasant blue backlight is not only informative but also gives the stabilizer a modern and aesthetically pleasing look.Reliability and Durability: This powerful and reliable voltage stabilizer can withstand heavy loads. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a projected lifespan of at least 20 years. This is a long-term investment in protecting your valuable electronics.

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