Washing Machine Drain Pump Bosch Siemens Neff Washing Machine Drain Pump 00620774

Vendor FAJ AE
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  • This can be washing machines from a variety of manufacturers and brands.
  • The household devices these accessories/Part is suitable for are listed below.
  • Bosch Neff Siemens Washing Machine Drain Pump. Genuine part number 00620774
  • Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch SBV50E10GB/21,
    SBV50E10GB/28, SBV50E10GB/29, SBV50E10GB/31, SBV50E10GB/32,
    SBV65E00GB/50, SBV65E00GB/51, SBV65E00GB/52, SBV65E00GB/55,
    SBV65E00GB/73, SBV65E00GB/75, SBV65 M00GB/01, SBV65 M00GB/32,
    SBV65 M00GB/35, SBV65 M00GB/38, SBV65 M00GB/43, SBV65 M00GB/44,
    SBV65 M00GB/51, SBV65 M00GB/52, SKS40E02GB/03, SKS40E02GB/04,
    SKS40E02GB/05, SKS40E02GB/06, SKS40E02GB/07, SKS40E02GB/08,
    SKS40E02GB/11, SKS5 0E01EU/03, SKS5 0E01EU/04, SKS5 0E01EU/05,
    SKS5 0E01EU/06, SKS5 0E01EU/07, SKS5 0E01EU/08, SKS5 0E11EU/03,
    SKS5 0E11EU/04, SKS5 0E11EU/05, SKS5 0E11EU/08, SKS5 0E16EU/03,
    SKS5 0E16EU/04, SKS5 0E16EU/05, SKS5 0E16EU/06, SKS5 0E16EU/07,
    SKS5 0E16EU/08, SKS5 0E18EU/03, SKS5 0E18EU/04, SKS5 0E18EU/05,
    SKS5 0E18EU/06, SKS5 0E18EU/07, SKS5 0E18EU/08, SKS5 1E18EU/01,
    SKS5 1E18EU/11, SKS60E02CH/04, SKS60E02CH/05, SKS60E02CH/08,
    SKS60E02CH/11, SKS6 0E02EU/04, SKS6 0E02EU/05, SKS6 0E02EU/08,
    SKS60E02GB/04 SKS60E02GB/05, SKS60E02GB/07, SKS60E02GB/08,