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  • 85805 Water Inlet Valve lets water into your washing machine during the prewash cycle. When the Water Inlet Valve 285805 body cracks or the solenoid fails, your washing machine might stop filling with water or start leaking. This water inlet valve meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for performance and fit. Washing machines that leak or don’t fill with water might have faulty inlet valves.
  • Clothes Washer Water Inlet Valve fits several name brand direct driven washing machines.Compatible brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Electro.lux.Replaces Part Numbers – 21026, AP3094541, 285805VP, 292197, 3349451, 3354565, 3360387, 3360388, 3360389, 3360391, 3360392, 3429537, 358992, 370067, 388328, 3952163, 3952164, 3955673, 8228, 868761,, PS334646, and W10110517.

Certainly! The provided description is about a Water Inlet Valve designed for washing machines. Here's an explanation of each part:

  • 285805 Water Inlet Valve: This is the specific model of the water inlet valve, used to control the flow of water into a washing machine during the prewash cycle.
  • Function: The main function of this valve is to allow water to enter the washing machine. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that the machine fills with the right amount of water for each wash cycle.
  • Common Issues: The description mentions common issues that can occur with this valve. When the body of the valve cracks or the solenoid (an electromechanical device) inside it fails, it can lead to problems such as the washing machine not filling with water properly or water leakage.
  • Compatibility: This valve is designed to fit various name-brand washing machines that are directly driven. Some of the compatible brands mentioned include Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, and Electrolux.
  • Replacement: It's recommended as a replacement part when you encounter issues with your washing machine related to water filling or leakage.
  • Part Numbers: The description lists various part numbers associated with this valve, making it easier for customers to find the correct replacement.

In summary, this description provides information about a specific Water Inlet Valve used in washing machines, its purpose, common issues, compatibility with different brands, and the part numbers it replaces. It's a valuable reference for those seeking a replacement part to fix water-related problems in their washing machine.