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Specifications: Product Name: 5 Positions Barrier Terminal Block Maximum Rated Voltage: 600V Maximum Rated Current: 15A Poles: 5 Positions (Dual Row) Size: 2.48 inch(L) x 0.87 inch(W) x 0.67 inch(H...
Specifications: Product Name: 10 Positions Barrier Terminal Block Maximum Rated Voltage: 660V Maximum Rated Current: 20A Poles: 10 Positions (Dual Row) Size: 5.71 inch(L) x 1.54 inch(W) x 1.46 inch...

Featuring a variety of products designed to meet your connectivity needs, we showcase a comprehensive collection of electrical fittings. For a secure and efficient electrical connection, we've got Screw Terminal Connectors and Screw Terminal Blocks in this category.

Screw Terminal Connectors:

Screw Terminal Connectors are made with precision, so you can easily join and terminate electrical wires. You can trust our Screw Terminal Connectors to last in challenging environments because they're built strong and made from high-quality materials. You can use these connectors to connect wires securely and dependable no matter if you're working on industrial machinery, household appliances, or automotive systems.

Key Features:

  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance.

  • Threaded screw terminals for easy and secure wire attachment.

  • Various sizes to accommodate different wire gauges.

  • Insulated and non-insulated options for added safety.

  • Versatile applications across industries.

Screw Terminal Blocks:

Our selection of Screw Terminal Blocks exemplifies efficiency in electrical wiring and organization. These blocks serve as convenient junction points for multiple wires, streamlining your wiring projects and reducing clutter. Our Screw Terminal Blocks are built to meet the highest safety standards, and they come in a wide variety of configurations, so they're perfect for a wide variety of things.

Key Features:

  • Compact design for space-efficient installations.

  • Clear marking for proper wire identification.

  • Multiple poles and levels to accommodate varying wire connections.

  • Robust construction to withstand vibrations and fluctuations.

  • Quick and straightforward assembly, saving valuable time.

You can achieve seamless electrical connections with our collection of Cooker, Hob, Stove, Oven & Hood Spare Parts, whether you're a professional electrician, an electronics enthusiast, or even a DIYer. To make sure our products meet your expectations and provide the reliability you look for in every electrical project, we prioritize quality, durability, and performance.

Browse through our selection to discover an array of options tailored to suit your specific requirements. Elevate your electrical installations with our top-notch Screw Terminal Connectors and Screw Terminal Blocks today.