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Oven Spare Parts

120 Minutes Mechanical 270° Timer Switch for Electric Oven Disinfection Cabinet

High-quality 120-minute timer switch for electric ovens and disinfection cabinets, with 2-pin design and 270-degree rotation. Essential for professional use.

140042356018 Oven Fan Motor

If the fan in your oven is not rotating, yet the oven is still producing heat, it is likely that there is a problem with the fan motor. This can be replaced, leaving your oven functioning like new again.

140043543028 GASKET OVEN DOOR

When oven gaskets wear, hot air can escape your appliance, making it difficult to achieve the correct temperature. Replace your faulty gasket to establish an airtight seal and better cooking results.

140089339059 Oven heating element

Original replacement oven element, round, 240V, 2400W.

140245093012 gasket, oven door

This replacement seal is simple to install and will have your oven performing like new again. Type in your Product Number Code (PNC) to get the perfect fit.

2 Pcs Microwave Safe Fuse Microwave Oven Accessory Slow Blow Glass Fuses

Made of good quality material, sturdy and long service life. This high voltage fuse is easy and simple to install on your microwave.

220v E14 300 Degree High Temperature Resistant Microwave Oven Bulb Cooker Lamp C

E14 microwave oven bulb, heat-resistant up to 300°C, ideal for replacements in various appliances. Voltage options: 220-240V, power choices of 15W or 25W, available in gold or silver.

3116021001 Oven Cooling Fan

The cooling fan in your oven prevents the components outside the oven cavity from overheating.

3156914008 Upper Oven Heating Element

A vital part of any electric oven is the heating element. A broken element will mean little or no heat is produced, bringing your cooking to a stop. Thankfully, it can be replaced.

3157446000 Oven Thermostat

If you can no longer adjust the temperature inside your oven, you may need to replace the thermostat. This replacement part will restore temperature control back to appliance for accurate cooking once again.

3157955018 Oven Cooling Fan

The cooling fan kicks in when there main oven fan and element are getting too hot. It balances out the temperature in the cavity and cools down the oven quickly once you've stopped using it.

Electric Oven Parts in UAE: Essential Components for Electric Oven
From heating elements and thermostats to control panels and convection fans, we have everything you need to keep your oven working properly. Explore our selection of electric oven parts in Dubai to elevate your cooking experience. You can get quality spare parts here in Dubai, so you’ll always be able to cook with precision.
Top-Quality Electric Oven Spare Parts: UAE’s Culinary Solution
With our selection of premium spare parts available in UAE, you can upgrade your electric oven. We’ve got heating elements, thermostats, control panels, and more. All parts are compatible and work well, so you can cook with confidence. You can make the most of your electric oven spare parts, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook. Check out our range and take your cooking to the next level.
Efficient Electric Oven Repair Parts near Me in Dubai
Our collection of electric oven repair parts are curated to meet your repair needs, whether they are heating elements, thermostats, or control panels. Find out more about our convenient ways for you to access electric oven repair parts in Dubai. With our Dubai-focused selection of replacement parts, you can easily find the right parts to keep your kitchen running smoothly for years to come. Maintain your oven’s functionality by replacing the parts with high-quality replacement parts that ensure consistent cooking results.
Buy Electric Oven Repair Parts in Dubai
Get precision-engineered electric oven repair parts in Dubai for your kitchen appliances. From thermostat replacements to convection fan repairs, have everything you’ll need. Get the right repair parts in Dubai to unlock the full potential of your oven, and enjoy the benefits of expertly crafted components that restore its efficiency, so you can cook like a pro.

Explore our thoughtfully curated range of cookers, hobs, stoves, ovens, and hoods spare parts in Dubai, UAE. Whether you’re searching for replacements or looking to enhance performance, our assortment ensures impeccable functionality, preserving the excellence of your kitchen setup. Immerse yourself in the epitome of precision and quality with our meticulously crafted collection of spare parts.

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