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Oven Thermostats


Beko Oven Thermal Cut Out (4410101001) – Compatible with various models, a genuine Beko product.

Electrolux Electric Oven Thermostat Security Thermal Fuse Kitchen

Electrolux Rex oven thermostat: New and original spare part with a 270°C thermal fuse.

Fisher & Paykel Smeg Oven Safety Thermostat 160°C ORIGINAL – 575637 818731550

This is an original 160°C safety thermostat (thermal cutout) compatible with Fisher & Paykel and Smeg ovens, featuring part codes 818731550 and 575637.

Gas Electric Ovens Thermostat C00139061 16A 250V 230C T300

The T300 Thermostat 16A 250V 230C is essential for precise temperature control in HOTPOINT ARISTON ovens, replacing C00139061 and 482000022934. If your oven exhibits irregular heating or fails to start, a faulty thermostat may be the cause, requiring replacement for optimal performance.

GE Microwaves Genuine OEM Thermostat WB21X10148

GE WB21X10148 Microwave Thermostat, a genuine OEM safety device to prevent overheating. Follow the manual for proper installation.

Oven 160c Cut Out Switch

Oven 160c Cut-Out Switch: Ensures oven safety by regulating temperature for Chef, Kleenmaid, St George, Smeg, and more. Reliable 160c thermostat with 16 amp N/C Contact for precise cooking control.

Oven Cut Off Genuine CDA Thermostat CD906SS

The Genuine CDA Thermostat for CD906SS Oven Cut Off is a reliable replacement part designed specifically for the CD906SS model. Ensure compatibility by verifying your model number matches before installation.

Oven Temperature Limiter

Oven Temperature Limiter: Compatible with Bosch, Neff, Siemens ovens.

Oven Thermostat 3157446000

If you can no longer adjust the temperature inside your oven, you may need to replace the thermostat. This replacement part will restore temperature control back to appliance for accurate cooking once again.

Oven Thermostat 3577229093

If you're having difficulty with adjusting the temperature inside your oven, you may need to replace the thermostat. This replacement part will restore temperature control back to appliance for accurate cooking once again.

Oven Thermostat 4055406633

Part number: 4055406633. Part type: Thermostats. Weight (g): 336

Oven Thermostat 50202813007

Keep the temperature in your oven properly regulated and on your selected settings with this replacement adjustable thermostat.

Get Top-tier & Reliable Thermal Fuses Online

The oven uses one or more thermal fuses also known as thermal cut-outs to protect the microwave oven from overheating. It is often located near the oven cavity, inside of a cabinet, or magnetron. If the oven thermal fuse fails, power immediately interrupts the controls or the control outputs. This usually happens when the appliance gets too hot and some electric models blow the thermal fuse. Unfortunately, a blown oven fuse shuts off power to the appliance and restricts its performance, leaving you frustrated with being unable to bake or cook anything. But, do not worry at all because FAJ Technical Services L.L.C. is present to serve you wherever you are in Dubai. We are a leading company in providing warranted spare parts to our millions of customers and have been in this field since 2010. Ring us up today to get a top-notch, long lasting thermal fuse for your oven. 

Leave The Mess & Choose The Best – Oven Fuse Replacement

In today’s innovative ovens, the thermal fuse acts as an electrical overheating protection element. And, it plays a vital role in detecting the heat caused by overcurrent due to component breakdown or short circuit. Microwave oven is a heat-prone electrical device therefore, this intelligent piece of technology is installed in modern ovens to keep them from overheating. Thanks to the powerful ability of the thermal fuse, when the heat exceeds an abnormal temperature of the oven this tiny thermal fuse automatically fuses to cut off the power supply to keep the electric device from causing a fire. However, any fault in this sharp thermal fuse won’t help you to determine if your expensive oven is on abnormally high heat and the consequences can be dangerous! If you are a repairman or a do-it-yourself enthusiast and considering opting for lasting oven fuse replacement then feel free to connect with us. We are here to assist you in delivering your best oven thermal fuse at a highly affordable rate.

How Do I Know I am Dealing With Blown Fuse?

Here we will discuss how you can understand that your oven thermal fuse is blown altogether and a quick replacement of this technical piece is needed. So, your appliance can get to the working order once again.

The heating elements of the oven won’t turn on

In most cases, the thermal fuse is connected to the heating element and nothing else. This is because heat elements are directly responsible for generating heat. So, if you observe your heating elements won’t get hot or turn on it is a clear indication that the oven thermal fuse is blown. If you are uncomfortable handling electronics you can simply talk to us, and our experts will reach your place to help you right away.

The control board display of the oven failed to work

All ovens have control boards to protect them from voltage fluctuations and power surges. If the display of the control board does not operate there is a significant chance thermal fuse is blown.

The door of the oven won’t unlock

Another sign which can help you to understand there is a high time to go for thermal fuse replacement is the door locking mechanism of the microwave oven won’t function. Further, the control board will fail to receive the necessary power to operate the mechanism of locking the door. In such cases, you must replace your oven thermal fuse promptly to get your appliance in top working condition once again.

Highly Budget-Friendly Oven Fuse Price

When you ask us, we deliver top-quality, warranted oven thermal fuse to your doorstep. Our shipping is quite fast and the overall price is highly economical. We understand how important your home appliances are for you therefore, we make sure to provide you with effective, exceeding quality standards for spare parts for your equipment. You can also ask us for installation, or replacement to save you time and money. Our electric oven spare parts and oven fuse price is highly affordable so your wallet won’t have to face any pressure.

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