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Cooling, Defrost Sensors

LG Refrigerator Thermistor Defrost Sensor 6615JB2002R 1268257 AH3529334 EA3529334 PS3529334

LG Refrigerator Defrost Sensor Assembly 6615JB2002R - Monitors evaporator coil temp, includes sensor, fuse, and wire harness. Replaces 1268257, fits top-brand fridges, ensures food preservation during outages.

Refrigerator Defrost Temperature Sensor DA32-00006W

DA32-00006W Refrigerator Defrost Temperature Sensor: Compatible with various models, ensures efficient temperature regulation and defrost cycles. Verify suitability for your specific model before purchase.

Refrigerator Temperature Sensor DA32-00006J RF27T5501SG/AA, RF28T5101SR/AA, RF27T5241SR/AA, RF27T5201SG/AA

The DA32-00006J Temperature Sensor is compatible with select Samsung refrigerator models, ensuring precise temperature monitoring for optimal performance.

Refrigerator Temperature Sensor Replacement for General Electric & Hotpoint Refrigerators WR55X10025 914093 AP3185407 PS304103 WR50X10027

Replace faulty temperature sensors in GE and Hotpoint fridges with the WR55X10025 sensor. Compatible with multiple models, it ensures accurate temperature control and addresses common temperature-related issues.

Refrigerator Thermistor Temperature Sensor Compatible with GE-Hotpoint BSS, CFE, CSB, CSS, DSE part WR55X10025, AP3185407, PS304103

The WR55X10025 thermistor ensures precise temperature control in GE/Hotpoint fridges, measuring 22 inches in length, compatible with various models. Replaces part numbers 914093, AP3185407, WR55X10025 for reliable temperature monitoring.

Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Sensor DA32-00029N

Replace your malfunctioning temperature sensor with this Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Sensor (DA32-00029N) for consistent cooling. It's a reliable replacement part with an 18-inch length and an operating temperature range of -20°C to 105°C.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Air Temperature Sensor Thermistor 2188819 AP6006067 PS11739131

Replace your Whirlpool refrigerator's air temperature sensor thermistor with ease using this replacement part. It replaces part numbers AP6006067, 2188819, 2216113, and PS11739131, ensuring proper functionality.

Defrost Sensors | Refrigerator Defrost Sensor Price | FAJ

The defrost sensor is a crucial part of refrigeration and air conditioning systems that keeps temperatures cool and prevents ice and frost from building up on the coils. These sensors are designed to detect changes in temperature and activate the defrost cycle when necessary, ensuring that cooling and freezing equipment works efficiently. Here is some info about it:

  1. The basics of defrost sensors: Small, but essential devices, defrost sensors are used in commercial and residential refrigeration systems. They keep an eye on the evaporator coils, which are prone to ice formation during cooling. A sensor detects when the coils get too cold and frost starts to build up, so it starts a defrost cycle to melt the ice and keep the temperature up.

  2. Defrost Sensors : Defrost sensors come in several types, including:

    • Thermal Defrost Sensors: In these sensors, the temperature is measured by a bimetallic strip or a thermistor. If the temperature drops below a threshold, the system defrosts.

    • The Electronic Defrost Sensor : Most modern systems use electronic sensors to monitor temperature and determine when defrosting is needed. These sensors use advanced technology to monitor temperature.

    • Defrost Infrared Sensors: By measuring the reflectivity of the evaporator coils, infrared sensors can detect ice and frost buildup. When the surface gets less reflective because of ice, they trigger the defrost cycle.

  3. The importance of defrost sensors: It’s important to have defrost sensors in refrigeration systems to keep them energy efficient and work well. When ice accumulates on evaporator coils, it acts like an insulator, making it work harder to keep the temperature high. This can lead to higher energy consumption and increased wear and tear on the equipment. Defrost sensors help prevent these problems because they make sure defrost cycles only happen when it’s necessary.

  4. Use defrost sensors for these reasons:

    • By preventing excessive ice buildup, defrost sensors save energy by allowing the system to run more efficiently.

    • Defrost cycles help refrigeration and cooling equipment last longer.

    • Defrost sensors keep perishable goods at their ideal storage temperatures, ensuring that they stay fresh.

    • The sensors reduce the need for manual defrosting and maintenance, saving you time and money.

  5. Checking and troubleshooting: Inspect and maintain defrost sensors to make sure they work. It’s essential to troubleshoot defrost sensor problems to avoid disruptions in temperature control. If there’s ice buildup or temperature fluctuations, the sensors may need cleaning, calibration, or replacement.

In conclusion, defrost sensors are indispensable parts of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, contributing to energy efficiency, equipment longevity, and consistent temperature control. Anyone involved in cooling and freezing equipment needs to know about their types, benefits, and maintenance requirements.

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