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Anti-Walk Dryer Washer Pads Stackable Shock

  • Non-Slip Feature: The anti vibration pads strength of the shock absorbing pad’s micro-grip traction pattern fully eliminates the washer or dryer’s floor movement and greatly reduces the transfer of vibrations from your washer/dryer to the floor to help protect it from scuffs and scratches and the appliance itself from any damage.
  • washing machine pads for anti vibration stacked washer dryer, these innovative supports can stop high and strong vibration, while providing floor protection and noise reduction, washing machine feet pads anti vibration pads rubber anti vibration pads.
  • Fit any front load or top loader clothes washers.

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“These anti-walk washer and dryer pads are a reliable solution to prevent floor movement and minimize vibrations. Their micro-grip traction pattern ensures your washer and dryer stay firmly in place, preventing scuffs, scratches, and damage to both the floor and appliances. Designed for stacked washer dryer units, these innovative pads effectively dampen high-intensity vibrations, providing noise reduction and floor protection.

Whether you have a front-load or top-load washer, these anti-vibration pads are compatible with various washing machine models. Their non-slip feature ensures stability and peace of mind during laundry cycles. Say goodbye to noisy, vibrating laundry appliances and hello to a quieter, more stable laundry room environment. Protect your home and appliances with these durable and easy-to-install washer and dryer pads.”


"These anti-vibration pads are designed to eliminate floor movement and reduce washer/dryer vibrations. They provide floor protection, reduce noise, and are suitable for front load or top loader washers."


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Anti-Walk Dryer Washer Pads Stackable Shock