Three-phase variac transformer SUNTEK 3000VA (4A)

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Three-phase automatically transformers (variac transformers) with a range of output voltage control from 0 to 430 Volts with an LCD display.


Rated power, VA


Maximum current, A


Operating input voltage range, V


Nom. output voltage range, V


Output voltage error,%

less than 1%


2 years

Distortion sine wave


Connection option

terminals (connection kit)

Operating range t ° C

-5 - +50



Network Connection Method




Overall dimensions h-v-cm


Weight, kg


Three-phase Variac transformer SUNTEK is a powerful and reliable device that is indispensable in production, in workshops and factories. Meter scale and digital voltmeter contribute to the simplicity and ease of operation. The metal case protects the autotransformer from mechanical damage.

Scheme of work 3-phase variac transformer SUNTEK

The main difference between laboratory autotransformers and conventional ones is that the mobile contact in the winding allows changing the number of turns included in the circuit and thus makes it possible to set the voltage in a wide range, for example, in a single-phase network – from 0 to 300 V, in a three-phase – from 0 to 430 V. the change in The number of turns occurs smoothly, so it is possible to obtain the most accurate voltage values and a pure sine wave at the output. In addition, this device is lighter and more compact than analogues made according to the traditional scheme, and has a much greater efficiency (up to 98%). To control the operation of the control panel has a voltmeter and ventilation grilles in the body contribute to the natural cooling of the device and prevent overheating.

Application areas:

- in all cases where non-standard voltage is required;

- used in industries where temperature control is required;

- as an additional device for transistor recorders, machine tools;

- in scientific laboratories;

- on the productions involved in the design and adjustment of TV receivers and other household appliances;

- when testing fuses, regulation of relays, circuit breakers, current limiters, etc.;

- in the oil and other industries.

Three-phase variac transformer SUNTEK

Many organizations and industries around the world buy our autotransformers. Yes, variac transformers is our leader! We produce a large number of them and know how to make them of high quality. There are a number of small features that have our autotransformers, which do not have other brands.

First, it is honesty in production. If we produce variac transformer capacity of 5000 Watts, this variac transformer a power of 5000 Watts and nothing else.
Secondly, we can produce the equipment according to Your requirements, can make the range of 0-300 Volts, 0-120 Volts or any other convenient for you.
Third, we have no restrictions on the maximum capacity. We purchase components in many countries and have access to high quality parts.
Fourth, we use machine soldering, so the equipment is able to withstand high currents and voltage.


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