Variac transformer SUNTEK RED 1000VA 0-300 Volt (4A)

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The variac transformer SUNTEK RED 1000VA is a single-phase device with an LCD board that operates on 220 V mains and is used to permanently hold a given output voltage. Operating range variac transformers 0-300 volts. Rated current 4 A. Output Socket: B-01 B-02 B-03 B-04 B-05 B-06 B-07 B-08...
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The variac transformer SUNTEK RED 1000VA is a single-phase device with an LCD board that operates on 220 V mains and is used to permanently hold a given output voltage. Operating range variac transformers 0-300 volts. Rated current 4 A.

Output Socket:
















Input Plug:



























Rated power, VA


Maximum current, A


Operating input voltage range, V


Nom. output voltage range, V


Output voltage error,%

less than 1%


2 years

Distortion sine wave


Connection option


Operating range t ° C

-5 - +50



Network Connection Method




Overall dimensions h-v-cm


Weight, kg


Variac transformer is a type of transformer. The two windings in this device are directly connected to each other. As a result, between them there are two types of communication, one of which is electromagnetic, and the other electric. The coil has several pins with different voltage output values. The difference from conventional transformer is increased efficiency, due to partial change in power.

The autotransformer in our time has found wide application both for industrial purposes and in everyday life. Variac transformer (laboratory autotransformer with manual adjustment) - the need of any radio amateur, allows you to find out the technical characteristics of radio elements, chips, devices and homemade products. Find out the exact characteristics and behavior at different voltages, currents, temperatures will allow experiments and measurements carried out with the help of Variac transformers of low power (test relays, capacitors, microcircuit, working circuit, etc.). Variac transformer SUNTEK with adjustable output voltage from 0 Volt to 300 Volt with LCD display, displaying the output voltage as accurately as the switch variac transformer, is indispensable in these cases.


Variable Transformer SUNTEK


The use of imported instruments and equipment powered by voltage other than 220 Volt is impossible without a source of operating voltage. Variac transformer (laboratory autotransformer) with adjustment allows you to save the owners of machinery and equipment from the headache of finding a universal solution to the problem (the desired voltage), as it allows you to get 10 and 70 and 110 and 150 Volts with a slight movement of your hand, up to 300 Volts AC 50 Hz frequency of different current (up to 50 Amps) by adjusting the Variac transformer to the desired voltage. Variac transformers SUNTEK with adjustable output from 0 to 300 volts are available for different capacities.

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Variac transformers (adjustable autotransformer) found wide application in spheres and industries where heater temperature control is required by varying the voltage applied to it. If plastic is required for further work with it, you will need a Variac transformer with an extended output voltage control range and a nichrome wire calculated resistance (length and diameter). The smooth adjustment of the variac transformers with the LCD display will allow you to do the work more accurately and accurately, because the heating temperature of the nichrome wire directly depends on the output voltage of the Variac transformer.

In all areas where heating is carried out with electricity - by controlling the current in the circuit (voltage) of the Variac transformer SUNTEK with LCD display, it has proven to be indispensable and high-quality helpers.


Variac Transformer SUNTEK


If you are a radio amateur, inventor, owner of equipment, equipment with “non-standard” power supply (not 220 volts), or you always have a 120-200 volt outlet, as well as, your field of activity is connected with alternating voltage from 0 to 300 volts, , research, measurements - Variac transformer (laboratory autotransformer) SUNTEK with adjustable output voltage manually - the perfect choice of equipment and reliable assistant in your work!


Design features Variac transformers SUNTEK series RED

All Variac transformers of this series have a fuse from overcurrent, allowing you to protect the device from overheating and burnout coil winding. In everyday use, the current fuse plays an important role, because a person who does not have a specialized education can find it difficult to take into account all the nuances and prevent mistakes. Even if the estimated value of the current, which will go through the coil windings, is correctly calculated, and the Variac transformer is chosen correctly, if it is incorrectly applied, it can fail. For example, when connected to Variac transformers 1000 VA (permissible current 4A) of the device, the total power of which is 200W, the regulator on variac transformer should not be in the range from 0 to 50 Volts (200/4 = 50). In this range, the current exceeds 4A, which will lead to overload, and in the absence of a fuse and to the failure of the variac transformer.

Another significant step taken by SUNTEK engineers in an effort to make Variac transformer accessible to a wide range of consumers was the simplification of the connection system.


Variac Transformer LATR SUNTEK RED


Connecting variac transformers

The connection of RED series Variac transformers is implemented in two ways. For large models, the front panel has four clamp contacts (terminals), two to the input and two to the output. The 500VA, 1000VA, 2000VA models are provided with a plug / socket type connection. There is a built-in wire with a plug for connecting to the network and a socket on the case for connecting the load, as well as an on / off button. The presence of plugs and sockets on the body Lattice greatly facilitates the connection process. There is no need to purchase a set of wires and connect them to the terminal block. Simply plug the Variac transformer into a power outlet, and the device plug into the power outlet on a Latte. Such a task is within the power of any person, even very far from physics and electrical engineering.

Regulation of the output voltage is carried out using the rotary knob. Under the handle is the voltage scale, referring to which you can increase or decrease the voltage. Fine tuning (up to 1 Volt) is conveniently carried out on the basis of the LCD display. Compared with fairly common switch voltmeters, it is much easier to read the readings from the LCD display. At Variac transformers RED series, the voltage at the output is displayed using the LCD display.

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