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Washer Drain Pump DC31-00178A PX3516-01 DC31-00178D B35-3a

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  • DC31-00178A Washing machine drain pump motor (120V, 60Hz, 80W),B35-3a drain pump removes water from the washer during the drain portion of the cycle. fits some samsung front-load and top-load washers as wa45k7600aw/a2 wf42h5000aw/a2.
  • REPLACE PART NO: px351601 3989917,AP5916591,PS9605762 ,EAP9605762. DC31-00178A,4958525,AP6977256, PX3516-01,03DC3100187A FITS MODOLS: WA400PJHDWR/AA-04,WA40J3000AW/A2-00,WA40J3000AW/A2-01, WF42H5600AW/A2-00,WF42H5200AP/A2-01,WA456DRHDSU /AA-04,WA456DRHD SU/AA-05,WF42H5000AW/A2-00,WF42H5000AW/A2-01, WF42H54 00AF/A2-00,WF42H5200AF/A200,wa50m7450ap/a4wv55m9600aw/a5,wf448aap/xaa02,wa45h7000aw/a2 .
  • FIXES SYMPTOMS If your washer was making noise; will not drain; pump but will not spin; washer leaks; clothes are wetter than usual, you Had to replace the px3516-01 samsung drain pump washing machine drain pump.

The Washer Drain Pump DC31-00178A (also known as B35-3a) is a versatile and compatible replacement part designed for various Samsung front-load and top-load washers. Key features include:

  • Motor Specifications: This drain pump motor operates on 120V, 60Hz, and consumes 80W of power. It effectively removes water from the washer during the drain cycle, ensuring efficient water removal.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with select Samsung washer models, including WA45K7600AW/A2, WF42H5000AW/A2, WA400PJHDWR/AA-04, and more.
  • Replacement Part Numbers: This drain pump is a reliable replacement for part numbers such as PX351601, 3989917, AP5916591, PS9605762, EAP9605762, and more.
  • Fixes Multiple Issues: If your washer was experiencing issues like noise during operation, failure to drain, pumping but not spinning, leaks, or excessively wet clothes, replacing the drain pump with the DC31-00178A can resolve these problems effectively.

Upgrade or replace your washing machine's drain pump with the Washer Drain Pump DC31-00178A for improved washer performance and the resolution of common washing machine issues.