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Compressor Overload Protector

Refrigerator 2 Pin Start Relay for Compressor Black

Replace your fridge's start relay with this 2 Pin Refrigerator Start Relay, compatible with mini-fridges and coolers from various brands. Ensure a proper fit by matching size, resistance, and pin quantity.

Refrigerator 3-Pin Starter Start Relay Replacement compatible with Mini Fridges, Compact Refrigerators, Beverage & Wine Beer coolers, Deep Freezers, Beer Wine Refrigerators QP2-4R7

Replace mini fridge or compact refrigerator's starter relay with ease using this QP2-4R7 Start Relay. Compatible with 3-pin relay, 4.7 Ohm resistance. Hassle-free installation. Ensure appliance efficiency. Compatible with QP2-4R7 three-terminal relays.

Refrigerator 6750C-0004R Overload LG Electronics

Replace refrigerator overload with LG Electronics 6750C-0004R, fits multiple LG models. Check manual for compatibility.

Refrigerator Compressor Relay (ML-033) Suitable for Whirlpool Single Door Direct Cool

Enhance your Whirlpool refrigerator's performance with the Relay-ML-033 Compressor Relay, designed for direct cool models. Trust its quality for reliable cooling.

Refrigerator Compressor Relay Start Kit Replacement Part, Replaces 2212194 2188829 2188830 2220475 AP3885081 2216697 Compressor Relay Start Device Kit Refrigerator Start Device 8201786

Optimize your fridge's performance with this all-in-one Compressor Relay Start Kit Replacement. Compatible with major brands, it replaces multiple part numbers, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Compatible with Electrolux 241707701

Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay (241707701): A compatible replacement for Electrolux, ensuring efficient refrigerator operation. Prioritize safety and consult your manual for proper fit.

Refrigerator Freezer Compressor Thermal Overload Protect 1/5HP

Protect your 1/5HP refrigerator compressor with this thermal overload protector. Suitable for 150W and various voltage systems. Compact plastic and electronic design. Includes 5 protectors for peace of mind.

Refrigerator Freezer Overload Relay kit for Frigidaire, GE, KitchenAid, LG, Whirlpool 4387913 4387913 7020935 4387766 4387836 4241370

Keep your refrigerator and freezer running smoothly with this Overload Relay Kit, compatible with multiple brands. Includes part numbers 4387913, 7020935, 4387766, and 4387836.

Refrigerator Fridge Compressor 1.5HP Wired Thermal Overload Protector 0

Ensure your refrigerator's compressor is protected with this wired thermal overload protector. Designed for 1-5HP compressors, it offers reliable overheating prevention. Easy to install and essential for appliance safety.

Refrigerator Fridge Compressor 1.5HP Wired Thermal Overload relay Protector

Essential 1.5HP Refrigerator Compressor Thermal Protector for overheat prevention. Safeguard your fridge with easy installation.

Refrigerator Overload Protector Fit For LG & Kenmore Refrigerators 6750C-0004R 6750C-0005P

Boost LG & Kenmore fridge performance with 6750C-0004R Overload Protector. Replaces 6750C-0005P, AP4651578, 1268273, PS3529535. Easy install.

Refrigerator Compressor Overload Protector in Dubai, UAE | FAJ

A compressor overload protector is a vital component of many electrical and mechanical systems, especially refrigeration and air conditioning units. In order to maintain desired temperatures and pressure levels in these systems, these devices play a crucial role in safeguarding compressors. Among the products in this category are overload protectors that prevent compressors from overheating and causing damage.

Here are some key features and functions:

  1. Compressor Overload Protectors : Temperature sensors on compressor overload protectors constantly monitor the amount of heat generated within the compressor. These sensors can detect temperature variations beyond safe operating limits.

  2. Activates cut-off mechanism: If the temperature climbs above the specified threshold, the overload protector activates a cut-off mechanism that stops the compressor from running until safe operating conditions are restored.

  3. Overload Protector Reset: Once the temperature drops back to an acceptable range, many overload protectors re-enable the compressor automatically, so you don’t lose power.

  4. Performing a manual reset: After a protective shutdown, some models require a manual reset to make sure the overheating problem is resolved before the compressor starts up.

  5. Their compatibility: They’re designed to work seamlessly with various refrigerants and cooling systems since they come in various shapes and sizes.

  6. Their durability: They’re built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, vibrations, and electrical fluctuations, so they’re reliable components.

The applications are:

The following applications use compressor overload protectors:

  1. The Refrigeration System: Household refrigerators, commercial freezers, and industrial refrigeration units need them to prevent compressor damage.

  2. A/C Units : Overload protectors are essential for both residential and commercial air conditioners.

  3. A heat pump : Both cooling and heating heat pump systems need these protectors to keep running smoothly.

  4. Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration : Cold storage facilities, supermarkets, and food processing plants all have compressor overload protectors.

  5. Refrigeration in Shipping: In refrigerated trucks and shipping containers, they help protect compressors, keeping temperature-sensitive goods at the right temperature.

  6. HVAC Systems: It’s essential to have overload protectors in large HVAC systems to prevent compressor failures.

In summary, compressor overload protectors are essential safety devices that make compressors last a long time in cooling and refrigeration. Overheating detection and response are crucial for preventing equipment damage, minimizing downtime, and keeping temperatures at an optimal level in many applications.

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