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Electronic Water Level Sensor Switch Assembly

For Haier Washing Machine Water Level Sensor PSR-22-B2 V12767 Water Level Controller Switch for Haier Washing Machine Parts Exquisite

Enhance Haier washer with quality Water Level Sensor for efficient water use. Easy install, suitable for Haier machines.

Replacement Water Level Sensor WD-T14415D Drum Washing Machine Water Level Sensor Switch For LG Exquisite

Upgrade your LG drum washing machine with this reliable Water Level Sensor. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and peak performance. Easy replacement for your damaged sensor, improving your washer's functionality. Specifically designed for the LG WD-T14415D model, making it a perfect fit.

Ruilogod 57mm Diameter Water Level Switch for Sanyo Washing Machine

Ruilogod Water Level Switch: Ideal for Sanyo washing machines, durable plastic construction, 57mm diameter, easy installation.

Ruilogod Water Level Control Sensor Switch Washing Machine Part

Ruilogod Water Level Sensor for Washing Machine: DC 6V, metal construction, essential for water level control.

W10231388, WPW10231388 Replacement for Whirlpool Washer Water Level Switch Kit

Kitchen Basics 101 W10231388 Washer Water Level Switch Kit for Whirlpool machines. Reliable replacement for efficient water control.

Washer Water Level Pressure Switch DC96-01703C for Models WA400PJHDWR, WA40J3000AW

Replace the faulty water level pressure switch (DC96-01703C) in Samsung washers. Compatible with various Samsung washer models, ensuring accurate water level control and error code resolution.

Washer Water Level Pressure Switch for LG Electronics AP5204365, EBF62754506, 2651052, 6501EA1001C 6501EA1001R

Washer Water Level Pressure Switch for LG Electronics models like AP5204365, 6501EA1001R.

Washer Water Level Sensor Switch 6501EA1001R

Washer Water Level Sensor 6501EA1001R for LG models like T1309ADFH, WT5001CW, made of durable plastic for precise water level control.

Washer Water-Level Sensor – DC96-01703G, Part Replace Number PS4217083,WF42H5000AW,3997569,EAP4217083,AP5623035,WF42H5400AF

DC96-01703G Washer Water-Level Pressure Switch for Samsung washers. Precise water level control.

Washer Water-Level Sensor DC96-01703C, Compatible for Samsung Washer: WA400PJHDWR, WA40J3000AW

DC96-01703C washer pressure sensor: Precise, reliable, and compatible with Samsung washers, resolving water level control issues.

Washing Machine Electronic Water Level Sensor Switch

Compact 5.8cm water level sensor for precise washing machine control. Includes 1 sensor.

Washer Water Sensor | Buy Washing Machine Water Level Sensor

It is essential that you find a smart solution in order to maximize the water usage of your washing machine. Since our Washer Water Sensor is an ideal tool for saving water, energy, and money while still providing sparkling clean laundry results, you no longer need to worry about it. Stop guessing and take control of your washing machine’s water levels once and for all by using our Washer Water Sensor.

Choose Our Washer Water Sensor:

  1. Precision Performance: Our water level sensor is designed with cutting-edge technology to accurately measure the amount of water needed for each load. No more overfilling or underfilling – just the right amount of water every time.

  2. Energy Efficiency: By using only the necessary amount of water, you’ll reduce energy consumption, helping both the environment and your wallet. It’s a win-win situation!

  3. Protect Your Garments: Proper water levels ensure that your delicate fabrics are treated gently, preventing excessive wear and tear on your clothes. Keep your wardrobe looking newer for longer.

  4. Savings Galore: With our Washer Water Sensor, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in your water bills. Plus, the long-term savings on energy and detergent costs are sure to make you smile.

By using the Washer Water Sensor, you will be able to reduce water waste and utility bills when you are doing laundry by making a conscious decision about how much water you use. You can join the ranks of smart homeowners who are taking action against water waste and high utility bills by upgrading your washing machine today.

Make the responsible choice and purchase our Washing Machine Water Level Sensor and washer spare parts today to achieve washing machine perfection while saving resources.

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