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1 5HP Refrigerator Fridge Compressor Wired Thermal Overload relay Protector

Essential 1.5HP Refrigerator Compressor Thermal Protector for overheat prevention. Safeguard your fridge with easy installation.

1 Pole 30 Amp 24V Coil Condenser Contactor 42-42139-05 by The HVAC Genius

The HVAC Genius 1 Pole 30 Amp Condenser Contactor is a reliable, upgraded component suitable for most residential units, featuring heavy lug terminals and a 24 Volt coil for high voltage connections. Rated for 30 Amps, it ensures efficient operation.

1-5HP-Refrigerator-Fridge-Compressor-Wired-Thermal-Overload-Protector 0

Ensure your refrigerator's compressor is protected with this wired thermal overload protector. Designed for 1-5HP compressors, it offers reliable overheating prevention. Easy to install and essential for appliance safety.

1.5 m Washing Machine Dishwasher Inlet Pipe Water Feed Fill Hose Water Pipe

Upgrade your plumbing with our 1.5m Washing Machine Dishwasher Inlet Hose. This flexible and durable hose with 90-degree and straight ends ensures a leak-free connection for all standard 3/4" water inlet appliances.

10 MFD Capacitor 370 or 440 VAC Oval Run Capacitor for Fan Motor Blower Condenser in Air Handler Straight Cool – Heat Pump Air Conditioner – Furnace – by The HVAC Genius

The HVAC Genius 10 MFD Oval Run Capacitor is a versatile 370/440VAC component for various HVAC systems, meeting rigorous standards.

1000W Voltage Transformer 1000 Watt Step Up Down Converter

Neostar 1000W Voltage Transformer: Converts 220V to 110V, ideal for international travel and using imported devices.


One coil fits all valve sizes. Extended ends for easy installation (standard).

120 Minutes Mechanical 270° Timer Switch for Electric Oven Disinfection Cabinet

High-quality 120-minute timer switch for electric ovens and disinfection cabinets, with 2-pin design and 270-degree rotation. Essential for professional use.

16 Watt, Mounting Bracket Kit and Universal Fridge Fan Motor

Boost fridge cooling with 16W Universal Fridge Fan Motor & Bracket Kit for various models. High-quality, reliable replacement.

1m Washing Machine Dishwasher Drain Waste Hose Waste Water Outlet Expel Soft Tube Stretchable

Upgrade your plumbing with our 1m Washing Machine Dishwasher Drain Waste Hose. It's adjustable, durable, and comes with a connector for easy installation, making it a versatile choice for both washing machines and dishwashers.

2 Pin Refrigerator Start Relay for Compressor Black

Replace your fridge's start relay with this 2 Pin Refrigerator Start Relay, compatible with mini-fridges and coolers from various brands. Ensure a proper fit by matching size, resistance, and pin quantity.
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